EarthLink and Infovista Partner to Tackle Customers' Application Performance and Enterprise Digitalization Challenges

In recent years, business applications like Microsoft Office 365 and Salesforce have become a critical part of employees' daily activities. For example, there are nearly 50 million active Office 365 monthly business users. Imagine the productivity dip if even a fraction of those users experienced lag time when trying to access their email or SharePoint resources?

Employees have come to rely on applications like Office 365, Salesforce and many others to get their job done. Any degradation in how those applications perform could result in diminished employee productivity, or worse, a hit to an organization's bottom line.

This puts a lot of pressure on network managers industry-wide to guarantee network connectivity. Faced with a flood of new business applications that require constant adjusting and prioritization over the network, this is no easy feat. In the retail industry alone, 78 percent of organizations are unable to guarantee application performance. In addition to employee productivity issues, unreliable application performance can trickle down to the customer — in one in three cases, retail customers have abandoned a purchase due to application performance issues.

Addressing these challenges head on, EarthLink has joined forces with Infovista to help customers improve how they monitor and control WAN traffic and application performance. Ipanema, Infovista's application performance guarantee solution, will be used as part of EarthLink's Application Performance Optimization™ service portfolio and offered as a managed service through the EarthLink customer portal, myLink®.

Cellular networkWith a closer eye on the performance of business critical applications over hybrid WAN infrastructure, enterprises can fully embrace enterprise digitalization at the lowest possible price point. Whether an organization has decided to roll-out a new bandwidth-hungry application or move its applications to the cloud, EarthLink and Infovista make it possible to do so without increasing bandwidth. Applications can finally be used as weapon for increased employee productivity, customer acquisition and sales revenue, among other improvements. All of this, without costly bandwidth upgrades that divert funds from other areas of the business.

To learn more about Infovista and EarthLink's partnership and how it will allow customers to better control, manage and guarantee application performance over the hybrid WAN, I invite you to check out the press release here: Infovista and EarthLink Partner on Application Performance Visibility and Control over the Hybrid WAN.

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