Driving network automation to the cloud for CSPs in collaboration with VMware

Payam Maveddat
Apr. 4 2023

In October 2022, we announced deployment of our Ativa™ Automated Assurance and Operations suite on VMware Tanzu – a significant validation of Ativa’s ability to combine previously siloed data with powerful automation to give Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and operators 360° visibility, interoperability and predictive automation in their multi-cloud environments. Since then, we have further enhanced our collaboration with VMware to enable CSPs to expedite their digital transformation journey.

How Infovista and VMware are collaborating

Ativa is officially certified as VMware Ready for VMware Tanzu and is listed on the VMware Marketplace. But this is just the beginning of our collaboration. Joining forces with VMware has initiated ongoing mutual testing and verification of interoperability with VMware Tanzu and Infovista's expanding cloud-native product portfolio. 

The collaboration on in-depth technical projects and, more importantly, on customer deployments, has shaped the joint value proposition both companies offer to CSPs. 

Together, with the mutual intent to deliver predictable outcomes to CSPs and mitigate the risks in their network transformations, we have reached the point where the combination of Infovista Automated Assurance solutions and VMware Tanzu:

  • is delivered through a unified architecture that meets scalability and advanced analytics needs;
  • reduces your operational costs and improves performance and security at mass-scale;
  • shortens your innovation cycles to deliver new network services and reduce operational complexities for VNF and CNF;
  • centralizes your performance management and enhances automation.

The benefits of the Infovista and VMware for CSPs

The maturity of our cloud-native solutions, coupled with VMware’s multi-cloud services, delivers the flexibility, agility and fluidity you need to quickly and smoothly manage future migration and greenfield projects.

Together, Ativa running on VMware Tanzu is already in service with a Tier 1 operator in Europe, helping them realize their cloudification strategy, meet their operating cost optimization objective, accelerate their time-to-market and reduce both their dependency on legacy hardware and their carbon footprint.

Deploying Infovista Ativa on VMware Tanzu, CSPs can enable Automated Assurance & Operations use cases in any cloud environment. In practice, this gives you:

  • OPEX reduction – the dynamic platform and microservice-based architecture means you can adapt, adjust, and onboard new applications faster, with CPU/VM resources expanded in seconds.
  • Improved experience KPIs – Ativa’s unified visibility and automation breaks down the traditional silos of network, device, subscriber, service and application assurance so you have comprehensive, real-time intelligence into customer experience for specific services, all through a single pane of glass.
  • Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) – cloudification means you can reduce legacy hardware, save on energy costs and end costly and inefficient organizational and technology siloes.
  • Flexibility to deploy to any cloud – You can accelerate your digital transformation seamlessly across any combination of multi-cloud environments, including near-seamless portability to public clouds such as AWS or Azure.

It’s results like these that encourage us to keep strengthening our deep technical collaboration, helping CSPs accelerate the deployment of Infovista’s offerings on VMware’s Tanzu platform. 

Working hand-in-hand, our teams develop and provide customers with insights and operational characteristics, and the guidance they need to deploy, run, operate, and maintain Infovista’s cloud-native solutions on Tanzu.

Onboarding and system validation is a continuous mutual effort that takes place within both VMware and Infovista to help ensure engineering support and alignment. Together we develop guidelines that help CSPs modernize more rapidly as they embrace cloud-native, software-first networks.

In the coming months, we look forward to providing the market with further updates on our collaboration and to seeing how our jointly tested solutions are deployed in the field by numerous customers. So, stay tuned, as Infovista and VMware bring the future of digital transformation to CSPs!

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Payam Maveddat

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