Did You Know that Manufacturers Lose 20% of Their Revenue through Poorly Performing Apps?

The global manufacturing industry contributes nearly £7trillion* to the growth of the world economy. However, recent research from Ipanema Technologies and Loudhouse has shown that growth within the sector itself is being stifled by technology.

 Innovation is key, but so too is reducing costs…How can manufacturers do more with less and manage their increasingly complex IT?

 Competition is fierce, and manufacturers are doubtlessly operating in difficult times. An industry known for its innovation, recent technological developments have enabled manufacturers to revamp processes and improve efficiencies, helping them become more cost-effective and increase output. However, IT leaders are being forced to do more with fewer resources, and many are struggling to deal with increasingly complex IT infrastructures.


Over 50% of manufacturers have suffered “Mission Critical application performance issues in the last year

The research highlights that almost half of global manufacturers have suffered unplanned ‘mission critical' application performance problems in the last year. On average, it reportedly takes four days to fully recover from a technology failure, with poorly performing applications costing the industry an average of 20 per cent in corporate revenues.

These application problems will negatively impact business performance and profitability

The large majority cited an ongoing battle with the rise of IT complexity, predominantly driven by more users, increased locations, new applications and cloud computing. A third also admit to an overall increase in application down time, which has a direct negative impact on their business profitability.

IT performance is directly linked with business productivity

The performance of IT is vital to the success of manufacturers. The study denotes a clear link between application performance and corporate revenues. Consistent, high-level application performance has the most positive impact on company financial targets (80%).

Aligning IT infrastructure with business objectives and implementing virtualization are key technological challenges faced by manufacturers, but ones that must be overcome in order to drive adoption and investment in solutions that will boost efficiencies and profit margins in turn. As they gain trust in their applications, they will become more confident in investing in new technologies that will help them be more competitive in the market.

However, if the applications critical to business processes remain unreliable and the technology challenges remain overlooked, there is a real risk that the application gap will prevent manufacturers from achieving their short- and long-term goals.

Ipanema can align your IT with your business objectives and safeguard your productivity, performance and profiltability

Through Ipanema, manufacturers can:

  • Align their IT with business objectives through the prioritization of services most critical to their business
  • Easily shift services to the cloud using SaaS apps
  • Significantly reduce their network and telecom costs
  • Support business growth, new sites, users and apps with the same existing network infrastructure
  • Enhance end-user productivity to impact bottom-line profitability

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