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Delivering High-Value, SLA-Backed Ethernet Services to Business Customers

Christopher Cullan
Mar. 20 2012

Wholesale and retail Ethernet customers want fast, affordable services that support their central business needs and critical applications, which require high bandwidth availability and low latency. To ensure reliable Ethernet delivery and meet business customers' expectations, communications service providers (CSPs) must be able to proactively monitor Ethernet service performance and effectively report on the quality of service they are providing.

So, what exactly do CSPs need to achieve this and deliver high-quality services and, in turn, improve the value of wholesale and retail Ethernet services? First and foremost, they require service-level visibility and real-time performance data to ensure SLA conformance.

CSPs also need to provide simple, yet flexible customer-facing service visibility that underpin the promised SLA and show that they are complying with businesses' quality of service expectations. They should make sure that this performance reporting is automated and centralized to maximize efficiencies and empower their customers.

In addition, they need to be competitive and responsive to market pressures in terms of pricing, and show the value that comes with being able to successfully control the performance of business services. When CSPs take a more proactive and intelligent approach to service assurance with these steps, they can improve business customers' satisfaction and perception of their wholesale and retail Ethernet services and effectively differentiate in the market.

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