Curious About LTE-Advanced? Learn More by Listening to our Technical Webinar

Regis Lerbour
Jun. 11 2013

Last week, I hosted a webinar about LTE-Advanced, which encompasses LTE Release 10 and beyond, and leverages the experience of LTE Release 8 to propose solutions for capacity and cell-edge issues at a reasonable cost. During the webinar, I discussed the motivations behind LTE-Advanced, its network components and how it's different from previous LTE releases. Given the nature of this technology, I also discussed small cells and carrier aggregation, and how each fits into the evolution and future of LTE-Advanced.

While the solutions LTE-Advanced presents for mobile operators are important, they are complex and therefore should be planned carefully and implemented incrementally. As a result, LTE-Advanced won't come to fruition overnight, but rather over the next couple years. And, because the LTE-Advanced platform is interactive, operators can choose to employ only those features that address their specific issues rather than the whole suite.

I invite you to view a replay of the webinar and learn more about LTE-Advanced here. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below! We'll also be at LTE World Summit later this month to discuss many of the same topics; if you'd like to schedule a meeting on-site, please feel free to reach out to [email protected].

For more information on upcoming webinars, including Using Mentum Fusion to Integrate Third-Party Data Sources with Mentum Planet on June 11th and eICIC and Its Importance for LTE Small Cell Deployment on June 19th, please visit the Mentum website.

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