Complete 5G Story

Complete 5G Story

Adrian Jakobsson
Feb. 15 2019

Want to succeed with 5G? Make sure you’re thinking big-picture. 

When consumers think about 5G, their questions typically boil down to, “When can I get it?” and “Why can’t I have it sooner?” For the people actually building 5G networks, the list is much longer and more involved: How will I validate quality in a more dynamic environment? What new testing and diagnostic capabilities will 5G demand that I didn’t have to worry about before? What should I measure to guide network expansions?

The fact is, 5G networks are radically different than anything that’s come before, and most testing and planning tools just aren’t equipped to handle them. It’s not that you don’t need the same capabilities—drive testing, device-based measurements, geodata, call traces. It’s that most tools out there focus on just one of those areas. That might have been fine for 3G or 4G networks, but it’s not going to cut it in a 5G world.

5G networks are just too dynamic. They have too many interdependencies. Too many distinct use cases, each with unique traffic patterns and requirements that can change across customers and verticals. If you don’t have a holistic view—if you can’t efficiently correlate data across allaspects of planning, testing, and optimization—you won’t capture an accurate picture of what’s happening. And you can expect more trial and error, more manual effort, higher costs, and slower rollouts.

Fortunately, the vendors focusing on one narrow slice of the network lifecycle aren’t the only ones out there. Some companies, like Infovista, have been looking at the big picture for years.

Know Your Network

Infovista brings more than 25 years’ experience in radio planning, testing, and optimization in the world’s largest mobile networks. While other companies have been testing solutions in the lab, we’ve been working closely with leading mobile operators to help them navigate their real-world 5G rollouts.

With our comprehensive solutions, you can:

  • Address the complete network lifecycle: Draw on the industry’s only 5G portfolio to encompass every stage of the network, from strategic planning to pre-validation to post-launch testing, analysis, and optimization.
  • Get a 360-degree view: Combine subscriber intelligence (geolocation data, call trace, crowdsourcing), with network performance and testing data to maintain a complete picture of the customer experience.
  • Predict network problems: Draw onmachine learning and predictive analytics, combined with the industry’s broadest data set and most extensive domain expertise, to quickly deploy and proactively optimize your 5G network.
  • Validate performance: Benchmark performance against competitors, previous network generations, and your own planning data to identify gaps and verify that your network is delivering what you expect.
  • Maximize 5G investments: Combine planning data, geodata, and other sources to identify the optimal capital investment/capacity scenarios and prioritize your 5G expansion based on revenue potential.

Get Started

Your customers are counting the minutes until 5G goes live. The last thing you want to do is go to market with an incomplete view of your network, and fractured tools to measure and optimize it. Let Infovista help you see the complete picture.

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