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Carrier Ethernet Services: Summer Reading List with Infovista

Christopher Cullan
Aug. 8 2012

By Christopher Cullan, Product Marketing Manager, Infovista
For most of us, the summer months bring sunshine, humidity and time to spare. In order to make the most of your extra downtime, my colleagues and I have pulled together a recap of Infovista's recent white papers, blog posts and videos surrounding Carrier Ethernet that you may not have had time to read when they were first posted. Enjoy!

Maximizing the Benefits of Ethernet Backhaul Transition

Mobile network operators (MNOs) that have chosen to lease their backhaul from wholesale providers lack the end-to-end visibility required to ensure delivery of their mobile services across third-party Ethernet backhaul networks. Infovista's video, “How Mobile Operators Can Maximize the Benefits of Ethernet Backhaul Migration" and white paper, “Improving Wholesale Bottom Line by Deploying a Premium Reporting Portfolio,” delve into how service quality visualization can help MNOs maximize the benefits of Ethernet backhaul transition.

Reaching the Summit of the Carrier Ethernet Revenue

Carrier Ethernet Service Differentiation According to Infonetics, Carrier Ethernet revenues will increase by $220 billion from 2010 to 2015 and to remain competitive, communications service providers (CSPs) need to adopt a Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF)-aligned service performance assurance platform that will provide them with actionable service quality visualization. To learn how CSPs can accelerate time to market by implementing high-performing Carrier Ethernet services with MEF-aligned, OSS interoperable service performance assurance, download our “Accelerating Revenue through Carrier Ethernet Service Differentiation” white paper and video.

Seeing the Forest through the Trees: The Transparency of Carrier Networks and the Cloud

According to Infonetics, Carrier Ethernet spending will grow to approximately $42.4 billion by 2016. However, coupled with this rapid growth is wide variation among infrastructure and mechanisms used to deliver Carrier Ethernet services, presenting challenges for CSPs. My recent blog post, “Seeing the Forest through the Trees: The Transparency of Carrier Networks and the Cloud,” discusses how CSPs can proactively ensure the delivery of business-class services in alignment with MEF standards.

The Carrier Ethernet Services Opportunity: Are You Ready?

Carrier Ethernet Services Revenue In this video, I discuss some of the most important questions to ask of your provider and steps to take prior to implementing high-value Carrier Ethernet retail and wholesale services. Further, I take an in-depth look into the importance of ensuring bandwidth and access with end-to-end visibility.
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