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Bring the Mobile Subscriber Experience into Focus

Andre Sequerah
Apr. 9 2015

Mobile operators have long relied on network KPIs to monitor and measure quality of service (QoS). However, these KPIs don't always tell the whole story. Many mobile operators are meeting all of their performance metrics, but still get lots of complaints from subscribers.

To better track QoS and to improve customers' quality of experience (QoE), mobile operators need to have a more contextual understanding of individual subscribers. That is, where subscribers are located and how they use the mobile network.

By drilling down into subscriber metrics, mobile operators' network planning and network optimization teams can better understand where degradation is occurring. As a result, they can take a proactive approach to improve customer satisfaction, particularly for VIP subscribers, and reduce churn.

For many, subscriber and call trace data will also help prioritize network investments and drive planning activities for small cells, as mobile operators will be able to better understand subscriber traffic patterns and network hotspots with this data.


At the end of the day, subscribers are at the core of mobile operators' business. Those that are successful in the future won't wait for subscribers to complain about issues in the network — they will proactively monitor subscriber KPIs to elevate service assurance practices and drive effective network capacity planning.

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