Australian Carrier Improves Backhaul Network Planning with Infovista

Astrid Wastegård
Apr. 30 2014

Think a minute about some of the expectations we have for today's wireless and fixed backhaul networks. They are supposed to span great distances and meet the requirements of complex urban environments. While based on multiple technologies, they should be easy to extend — both their network capacity and their geographical reach. Wireless backhaul must utilize frequency resources effectively, and at the same time, frequencies must be saved for future extensions and densifications. Quality and availability requirements must be met, too, while the backhaul networks remain cost-effective.

So why do so many communications service providers (CSPs) trust legacy backhaul network planning and design tools and practices to build tomorrow's network infrastructure?

Engineers at Australian carrier Vertel asked themselves the same question, as they are facing increased pressure to deliver carrier-grade wireless network infrastructure services to government, enterprise and service provider organizations, some in the most remote regions of Australia.

Vertel required additional support of its existing wireless and fixed backhaul network planning operations, to accurately and efficiently undertake the design process and meet client expectations. We are pleased to announce that the operator has adopted InfoVista's microwave engineering software, Mentum Ellipse.

With Mentum Ellipse, Vertel is now able to more efficiently plan, design, deploy and manage its backhaul networks. Further, the operator is able to optimize its network planning and network design functions, ultimately operating more effectively and delivering greater services to their customers.

Many other CSPs have seen similar results as Vertel after replacing their legacy tools with our backhaul network planning solutions. Mentum Ellipse comes equipped with state-of-the-art, operator-grade features, including a geographical user interface, integration with other network planning tools, inter-visibility and bulk LOS analysis. All of these help CSPs channel their resources toward other revenue-generating opportunities.

If you're interested in learning more about Mentum Ellipse, I encourage you to try out the free edition of the solution, Mentum Ellipse Express, to see first-hand how it streamlines network planning and design.

Vertel discovered the value of Mentum Ellipse through this easy introduction, and its engineers are now able to cost-effectively plan, operate, optimize and monetize the operator's networks for its customers. We're proud to have played a part in fulfilling the carrier's vision of leveraging next-generation telecommunications platforms to enable "smarter, healthier and safer Australian communities."

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