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To our Infovista TEMS™ customers: Authorized Resellers Statement

Gonçalo Leitão
Feb. 11 2021

With deployments of 5G accelerating – we recently passed the 300-customer mark and are approaching 5,000 users – now is a good time to issue a quick statement about Authorized Resellers for the benefit of our many TEMS™ customers.

Infovista is firmly committed to providing our customers with quality, reliable products. This obviously comprises our TEMS™ products that are made available by contacting Infovista directly or through Authorized Resellers.

To ensure TEMS™ customers receive the quality service they deserve, we select Authorized Resellers whom we believe share our vision of quality and service.

Occasionally, unauthorized resellers manage to obtain TEMS™ products, sometimes counterfeit, and offer them for sale to unsuspecting customers. There are many websites and resellers who claim to be an Authorized TEMS™ Reseller, but they are not.

Neither Infovista nor its Authorized TEMS™ Resellers sell this solution online, via e-commerce websites.

Products sold on these websites or from these sources do not carry a warranty for the sale of TEMS™ products, nor are manufacturer warranties against defects valid when product is purchased through these resellers.

Purchasing TEMS™ products from such entities could be risky as the products may be counterfeit, used, or defective. We try to prevent it from happening in both unauthorized stores and the internet. Unfortunately, we do not catch everyone. Please protect yourself and your TEMS™ product by ensuring that you purchase TEMS™ products directly from Infovista or from an Authorized TEMS™ Reseller.

Our policy is to honor product warranties and to perform services only on products purchased from an Authorized TEMS™ Reseller. If you purchase a TEMS™ product from an unauthorized reseller your TEMS™ warranty will not be valid. By purchasing from a TEMS™ Authorized Reseller, you will be able to take advantage of our programs and services; these programs and services are not valid on product sold through unauthorized resellers.

Whenever a product is sourced directly or through an authorized TEMS™ reseller, our support team from Infovista will contact you and explain how you can access your legal licenses.

If that hasn’t happened, please contact us immediately, as you may have been mistakenly sold counterfeit equipment.

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