2015 will See Actionable Intelligence Become Vital

Trends for 2015 — Post 1:
2015 will see actionable intelligence become vital

It's that time of year when expert and vendor predictions about which technologies will be taking off and dominating in the year ahead are in abundance. Will 2015 see us all sporting new wearable devices? Or will it be the year for mainstream business adoption of UC? The bets are in. I don't have my own crystal ball, but having attended the Gartner Symposium in Barcelona back in November, and heard the analysts' top 10 technology trends for 2015, their top line themes appear to capture what we can expect to see next year, very well.

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According to David Cearley, vice president & Gartner Fellow, ‘the advent of intelligence everywhere', ‘the merger of real and virtual worlds' and the ‘technology impact of the digital business shift' cover the top   technologies that organizations should not be ignoring in 2015. I am going to look at each of these themes in three separate posts. So let's start with the one that strikes me as arguably the most compelling for the year ahead - that of ‘the advent of intelligence everywhere'.

Pervasive Business Intelligence

In today's competitive world, businesses depend on the extraction of market information, consumer trends and usage patterns to deliver new innovative services, improve and streamline business processes and gain competitive edge. Knowledge is power and embedded systems - together with emerging technologies such as wearable devices and The Internet of Things (IoT) where any object can be given an IP address, a presence on the internet and information collating capability - are producing vast quantities of vital data. However unless this data can be filtered, analyzed and sent to the right people at the right time, it will offer little real value to businesses.

To unleash the potential of big data and to achieve pervasive Business Intelligence through the delivery of meaningful and actionable information to decision makers at all levels of an organization, Mr. Cearley argues that applications themselves will need to have analytical capabilities. He believes we will see a growing trend of ‘embedded analytics everywhere'. Context-Rich Systems are one such technology, which we will surely see more of next year. Thanks to embedded intelligence and analytics these systems are responsive to their surroundings. They are able to understand the context of a user request and adjust the means by which they send information to that user.

The need for the whole picture

Fundamentally, Enterprises' need for ‘actionable data' stems from the overriding IT imperative to connect people to the technology to make the business more successful. We are seeing an increasing need for ‘actionable data' from our customers. The key question companies often have is, “Am I doing the right thing?”. They come to us because they need context-aware and actionable intelligence. It's not only having a complete view on usages and assessment of their application performance across the entire WAN, but it's also to collect data. Transforming this big data into information, and then into knowledge to predict and forecast trends and upcoming usages in order to proactively adjust the information system, is the ultimate goal.

With that in mind, the key IT challenge will remain connecting people to technology, making them more successful by delivering an excellent user experience in a hyper-connected world.

In a nutshell, perhaps 2015 will finally be the year for big data where everything we do will be analyzed, aggregated and converted into trends and forecasts to predict future business models, usages and product innovations?  It is certainly an important step change and ties in with another of Gartner's themes for 2015 — ‘the technology impact of the digital business shift', which I will be looking at in my next post on this topic.

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