78% of retailers are not able to guarantee application performance while 88% confirm it negatively impacts their customer satisfaction.

Since the advent of online retailing, the trend towards omni-channel - and more recently, unified commerce – has set higher shopper experience expectations than ever!

This process, however, has brought increasing complexity for retailers, as two-thirds confirm that offering a shopping 2.0 experience to customers is a real challenge for them.

High volume network traffic generated by an ever increasing number of applications at the store can be problematic especially at peak shopping times. As retailers add killer applications relying on rich media, real-time voice and video, coupled with guest Wi-Fi for shoppers and assisted selling mobile devices for associates delivering unified communications, mobile apps, web content, Cloud-based business apps, and interactive customer applications - the store network struggles to keep up with this digital transformation.

Traffic congestion on the network, especially during peak shopping periods, directly impact customer experience as application performance decreases! This has an immediate impact to the retailers’ revenue:

  • Retailers lose up to $90,000 million per hour in revenue (Gartner Dataquest);
  • 68% of customers regularly abandon purchases when the line at checkout is too long;
  • Up to 40% of revenue is lost when customers abandon checkout lines;
  • 51% of shoppers refuse to enter a store if they see a line;
  • supply chain impacts store inventory;
  • The effectiveness of customer loyalty, marketing and customer service programs are diminished when applications are running slowly.

How do you:

  • Cost-efficiently deliver business applications (POS, PCI, assisted selling, etc.) to many distributed sites and store associates (stores, warehouses, regional offices, etc.)?
  • Allow fast, convenient checkout for customers (POS) mainly during peak business periods?
  • Secure the collection of customer data for loyalty programs?
  • Maximize in-store kiosk availability for product location, information and self-service purchases?
  • Protect in-store assisted selling tablet aplication availability for targeted promotions?
  • Easily offer new engaging shopping experiences?
  • Deliver up-to-the minute, accurate store inventories?

With Ipanema, achieve your core business objectives, be more customer-centric, improve sales and control operational costs:

  • Reduce the time customers must wait in checkout lines;
  • Easily roll out new applications like assisted selling, guest wi-fi, rich video content, in-store interactive kiosks;
  • Increase shopping cart value (via cross and up-sell);
  • Easily allow your network to absorb new applications;
  • Ensure timely and accurate data transmission;
  • Enable end-users of business-critical systems to be more productive.

When your network performs, so does your business!

Major retailers use Ipanema worldwide to improve customer centricity, sales and operational efficiency.

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