50% of manufacturers have suffered critical application performance problems during the last 12 months. 87% says that guaranteeing application performance is a priority to secure their business productivity.

Competition in the industry is fierce, and success hinges on resilient supply chains and ultimately the delivery of high quality products, on time and at low cost. Technological developments have enabled manufacturers to overhaul their processes, becoming more cost-effective and increasing output. However, the constant evolution of technology also presents challenges to the industry, whereby the development and integration of applications is creating excessive IT complexity compromising their productivity.

Increasing IT Complexity driven by more users, number of locations, variety of applications and adoption of cloud computing create new need for more agility and automated application performance control:

  • Manufacturers report that application downtime is on the rise, putting enterprise productivity at risk;
  • Poorly performing applications result in an average reduction of overall revenue of 20%;
  • Common business problems caused by poorly functioning applications include: products being shipped late (42%), lower employee productivity (42%) and customer complaints (38%).

How do you:

  • Cost-efficiently deliver business applications (CAD/CAM, ERP, CAO, etc.) to many users on many international distributed branches (subsidiaries, warehouses, regional offices, etc.)?
  • Manage application performance over your multi-telecom provider environment?
  • Easily migrate to the cloud and deploy new applications to support the enterprise’s cost reduction plans & pace of R&D?
  • Deal with a centralized IT Decision Center and several Regional Operational team?

With Ipanema, achieve your core business objectives, be more productive and maximize your competiveness while reducing your costs:

  • Align your IT with your business objectives;
  • Easily migrate to the cloud using SaaS applications like, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Skype for Business, Google Apps,;
  • Reduce your network and telecom costs by efficiently using more and more internet as a business network;
  • Use MPLS and Internet resources as a single unified network to increase the Quality of Service delivered to the users;
  • Easily support more sites, users and applications with the same network resources;
  • Enable end-users of business-critical systems to be more productive.

When you network performs, so does your manufacturing business!

Major manufacturers use Ipanema worldwide to improve employees productivity and company competitiveness while optimizing network resources and costs.

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