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Banks lose 20% of their customers due to poor customer service.

While managing WAN application traffic flow in organizations with a limited number of offices is challenging enough, businesses such as banking, insurance, travel and others customer facing organizations may have hundreds or thousands of branches that must share and manage information over the network.

These challenges are compounded by the large size and complexity of meshed networks coupled with the (typically) small size of the central IT team and the fact that small office sites often can’t justify having dedicated equipment on them. In such cases, network managers have often wondered whether properly managing applications on a large branch network is possible or just a dream.

The network performance truly drives the customer service experience: ATMs, payment cards, online banking, mobile banking, in-bank customer interactions and internal business applications all require on-demand network access and fast application response times. The exploding volume and types of network traffic in retail banking can slow services, causing customers to take their business elsewhere.

  • Banks lose 20% of their customers due to poor customer service;
  • 48% of customers that plan to change their bank do so for poor service quality reasons;
  • $200 to $400 is the cost of customer acquisition in retail banking;
  • $27k  is the average IT cost per employee per year.

How do you:

  • Cost-efficiently deliver business applications to many distributed sites (Local agencies, Branch-Offices)?
  • Protect Business Critical Applications against traffic Guest-WIFI rising traffic?
  • Easily and quickly update the rules to manage Internet offload and direct connectivity to cloud application across your WAN links (hybrid networks)?


With Ipanema, achieve your core business objectives, be more productive and maximize your competiveness while reducing your costs:

  • Align your IT with your business objectives;
  • Easily move to the cloud using SaaS applications like, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Lync, GoogleApps,;
  • Reduce the time customers must wait in checkout lines;
  • Easily roll out new applications like guest wi-fi, rich video content, interactive kiosks;
  • Easily allow your network to absorb new applications;
  • Enable end-users of business-critical systems to be more productive.

When you network performs, so does your banking & financial business!

Major retail-banks and insurance providers use Ipanema worldwide to improve employees’ productivity and company competitiveness while optimizing network resources and costs.

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