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Vista Twin | Network inventory configuration management

Automate the inventory and configuration of mobile networks

Product overview

Vista Twin is a flexible, scalable solution for automating the inventory and configuration of mobile networks. It supports a diversity of vendors and large networks, and provides a rich set of reporting capabilities that are conveniently integrated with VistaInsight Mobile and Vista Action solutions. 

Designed in partnership with world-leading CSPs as part of their digital transformation strategy, Vista Twin allows CSPs to achieve end-to-end NFV-like orchestration through device standardization and best practices roll-out across all domains of a modern network.
Allowing cross-vendor and cross-domain troubleshooting and optimization, feature activation control, automated inventory and security audits, Vista Twin drastically simplifies the infrastructure visibility, network governance and sharing of best configuration practices across groups, regions or countries – resulting in process efficiencies, faster operations, high network QoS and stability.

Key benefits

Consolidated repository of all active infrastructure driving operational savings

Consolidated repository of all active infrastructure driving operational savings

Vista Twin technology helps you to consolidate into a single view your end-to-end network management inventory, configuration and mobile network topology, as well as other databases containing network information – enabling critical process efficiency across the network lifecycle.

Standardize and deploy best design practices

Standardize and deploy best design practices

Vista Twin eliminates human error and network configuration misalignment. By leveraging a comprehensive knowledge base of industry best practices, you can standardize the design of multi-vendor and multi-domain mobile networks in one integrated environment.

Roadmap your network simplification for easier 5G deployment

Roadmap your network simplification for easier 5G deployment

Network Twin and automation technologies increase productivity so engineers can focus on new areas like 5G with flexible rules and a templating engine to create simple and standardized network blocks, and significantly reduce complexities.

Increase resource utilization efficiency

Increase resource utilization efficiency

Vista Twin enables you to increase network resources utilization without compromising service quality experience with your subscribers. By identifying consistency problems, manual configuration errors, overwritten security policies or licenses not properly activated, your network can truly perform as planned.

Scale your mobile network automatically

Scale your mobile network automatically

Millions of simple and standardized network blocks provided by Vista Twin serve as a foundation to reach unprecedented network scalability for tier-1, 2 and 3 networks. Use fully automated best configuration practices to deploy and expand mobile networks faster across groups, regions or countries with a secured quality of service.

Expedite Network Rollout, Manage Infrastucture Swaps

Expedite network rollout, manage infrastucture swaps

The automatic roll-out and vendor-swap management capabilties of Vista Twin facilitates new network element deployment, reducing time to market for new technologies like 5G, empowering swap projects and network upgrades in a single virtual co-working environment.

Use cases & features

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Centralized infrastructure configuration governance

Network governance is often challenged by regional and domain-specific silos on workflows, tools and rules, leading to slow and inefficient processes. Vista Twin provides CSPs with a single repository of all active network infrastructure, covering radio, transport, core and IT domains, with hundreds of interfaces now available.

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Scaling best practices across regions and groups’ OPCOs

Vista Twin allows CSPs to centralize and standardize network inventory / configuration activities into a single, automated workflow that brings discovery, design standardization and network homogeneity across deployed regions or countries. With scalable compliance management and automated audits, your network connectivity is secured from Day 1.

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Automate new site deployment and swap management

Vista Twin’s single, comprehensive and scalable network repository, along with automated capabilities, simplifies 4G/5G network roll-outs, upgrades and swap projects, and eliminates all human errors to avoid jeopardizing mobile customer experience.

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RAN feature activation control and license utilization

Vista Twin provides CSPs with accurate and up-to-date visibility of live networks’ hardware, software and vendors’ license capacity currently in use, allowing you to align network feature activation, use network software investments more efficiently and maximize network ROI.

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5G network slicing implementation

Featuring a market-unique traffic prioritization and slicing alignment in multi-domain, multi-technology and multi-vendor environments, Vista Twin enables simpler network slicing implementation.

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Network security policy enforcement

Vista Twin provides full visibility on network security policy established and deployed. Discovery of missing security settings is automated, preventing any network vulnerability and instability