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Vista Action | Automated fault management detection

Proactively manage your mobile network infrastructure health

Product overview

Vista Action provides a bird’s-eye view of today’s and tomorrow’s physical and virtual infrastructure, pinpointing any existing and potential issue that may affect service quality and availability in a preventative and forward-thinking collaboration framework. 

Vista Action digitally transforms network management from siloed troubleshooting into unified proactive and predictive network governance. Based on unique digital twin technologies and what-if scenario simulations, Vista Action is a multifunctional system. Closely integrated with its sibling systems, such as VistaInsight Mobile and Vista Twin, it helps resolve network and service failures in a quick and effective manner, aimed at preventing service quality degradation for your mobile subscribers.

Vista Action enables you to accelerate automation throughout mobile network lifecycle management by: assuring maximum network availability and capacity; futureproofing your network to meet the strictest digital SLAs of 5G; and preparing the infrastructure for data-thirsty next-generation services. The name ‘Action’ speaks for itself – no time to wait, time for action!

Key benefits

Infrastructure at your fingertips

Infrastructure at your fingertips

Get full visibility of any current failures or potential issues across all your network infrastructure today in a single, digital twin-based consolidated network management framework. Prioritize what’s important and focus on what makes your business grow faster.

Lightning-fast actions

Lightning-fast actions

Get near-real-time detailed insights on problematic network elements and services, their location and severity to ensure timely and adequate proactive response to any threat of service interruption or degradation.

Empower sustainable development

Empower sustainable development

Vista Action’s unique vertical and horizontal scalability empowers non-linear growth of hybrid and small-cell-based 5G networks. Vista Action’s market-unique predictive ML engine ensures that any current and future bottlenecks are easily identified and avoided in a single futureproof workflow.

Network fitness assessment

Network fitness assessment

Resolve any doubts regarding your current and future network fitness. Get vendor-independent insights into your infrastructure and view vendors’ limitations today and tomorrow through Vista Action’s adaptive forecasting engine. Prepare today for the challenges of tomorrow with Vista Action.

Centralize relevant events to be treated in your network

Centralize relevant events

Combined with VistaInsight and Vista Twin, Vista Action enables you to centralize, correlate and reduce the events that truly impact your services and customers. By selecting the most appropriate events to resolve, and by focusing on those for which an automated resolution is possible, your service problems will be handled in the most efficient way.


Automate your resolution processes

Once you have filtered the prominent issues that need to be addressed, automation can be applied to resolve them. Both process automation, like Trouble Ticket escalations, or automatic healing and scaling of the network, can be applied with very flexible and reusable workflows. With Vista Action fixing your problems, your team can concentrate on new or more complex topics.

Use cases & features

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Real-time network control

5G services require more than 99.999% network availability perception, which requires transformation, unification and streamlining of all network-related management processes into a single and proactive workflow. Vista Action allows you to consolidate all network domains in a single action-focused framework to pinpoint location, duration and severity of any negative network events or fault in near-real-time for silo-free and predictive network management.

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More data, same resource

Mobile networks have been growing very rapidly, with multiple technologies and vendor equipment types constantly evolving to address growing user demands. Vista Action, combined with the Vista Twin, will ensure up to 10x as much data on the same network resource by developing a living specification of the network and eliminating human error through automation.

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Small cell acceleration

Constant technology evolution towards faster data rates and higher frequencies drives mobile network service providers to deploy more and more infrastructure, with network complexity becoming a real burden. Vista Action will make sure that no matter how big and complex your infrastructure becomes, you will always have full visibility and be in control of your end-to-end network assets.