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Product Overview

The better the wireless experience, the more likely your users will stick with your mobile network. But how can you ensure this? With Planet, our innovative, market-leading RF planning software and optimization solution, we give you the most powerful and accurate tools so you can plan, design and optimize your radio networks to maximum effect – on 3G, 4G, 5G and beyond.

With 30 years of innovations in RF planning, network modelling and optimization, our best-in-class technologies help you make the best wireless design decisions to positively impact on network quality. Coupled with our Geodata product, our TEMS network testing portfolio and seamless integration with iBwave's in-building design solutions, you’ll appreciate that no other partner can take you through the entire RF planning, testing and optimization lifecycle – from indoor to outdoor. 

The results are faster deployment, better network performance and lower costs. This means increased efficiency for your RF engineers and excellent mobile user experiences that keep customers on your network.

Key Benefits

First to 5G

Faster 5G introduction

5G network deployment time is key for your business while you maintain 4G performance, requiring you to improve the efficiency of your network design activities. Using Planet 7, Infovista’s 5G planning solution, and its automation capabilities, such as the automated network design tool-set, along with accurate mapping data, you can truly accelerate your 5G rollout and improve network design quality.

Increase your employee productivity

Better productivity

Planet Server edition provides you with the ability to automate RF planning workflows and processes, such as the generation of any coverage predictions, network statistics and more to ensure that they’re always up-to-date. The results can automatically be shared through databases and web services. This means you can access your entire wireless footprint in a web browser, simplifying and reducing the cost of updating and sharing network coverage simulations, and ultimately increasing your engineering productivity.


Integrated planning & optimization

Planet's RF planning software directly integrates with VistaNEO, TEMS and iBwave in-building solutions to give you more efficiency in your activities from RF planning to troubleshooting and optimization, and saving operational costs associated with siloed solutions. Integrated solutions bring you better operational efficiency in wireless planning and optimization activities, while providing more visibility on your network so you can act right and faster. Only Infovista offers you a complete turnkey solution - RF planning, geodata, network testing and optimization - to cover your entire network planning project from indoor to outdoor.

Network Quality

High quality network

We give you the most accurate data on the most powerful visualization and modeling platforms with Planet’s accurate network performance simulations, advanced RF propagation modeling and Geodata. These capabilities allow you to dramatically improve radio network design quality indoor and outdoor from day 1 and roll out 4G and 5G networks that deliver the expected performance to ultimately improve your customer experience.

Do much more than planning - Only with Planet

Features & Use Cases

Regression Testing

Leading capabilities for 5G planning

5G employs radically new technologies like massive MIMO and flexible numerology, as well as new bands like sub-6 and mmWave. Planet has been developed to support 5G NR use cases like EMB, FWA or massive IoT, and complying with the latest 3GPP standards.

By simplifying the design and evolution of complex 4G/5G networks, Planet helps you to transition to 5G at a lower cost.

Support for 5G Planning

Simulation accuracy

Planet excels at accurate predictive RF modeling so that mobile operators can reliably simulate mobile performance, and benefit from effective CAPEX budgeting, and optimal ROI in their real-world site deployments.

Planet offers a range of accurate and unique propagation models, already validated for 5G, such as CRC-Predict, Planet 3D model (P3M) and Universal Model, as well as proven coverage and capacity simulations from 2G to 5G validated with field measurements.

Advanced Service Modelling

Native integration of live data

Planet allows you to combine live measurements including crowdsourcing, social media or mobile measurements with predictions, to improve the accuracy of planning and optimization.

With seamless connectivity to VistaNEO, our geo-intelligence and optimization platform, engineers have an unprecedented level of geolocated insights into mobile subscribers’ behavior and coverage experience through multi-vendor call trace leveraged directly into their planning solution.

Balcony Mans

Automation and deployment flexibility

Through its powerful workflow automation, Planet and its Server edition can automate the generation of virtually any wireless planning map for pre-defined scenarios that are usually produced manually. Such capability ensures extremely fast deliverables, high consistency in results and the ability to share any coverage-related information externally.

In addition, multi-user support and flexible deployment options make it easy to set up Planet in your own IT environment or in the cloud, minimizing infrastructure cost.


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Infovista’s Planet’s ability to quickly and accurately model technology based on our requirements was the key for us to be the first to market.

Stevan Filipovic, Head of Technology Leadership



We selected Planet after an extensive benchmark of 5G planning and automation capabilities. It’s the only solution providing a complete 3D feature set

KDDI Corporation