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Mobile 5G Service Assurance

End-to-end service assurance for hybrid networks

Simplify new services with end-to-end visibility

In the early days of mobile networks, responsibility lay with a single vendor, accountable for network set-up and operations through contracts and warranties. With 5G, multiple vendors, technologies and various service quality objectives coexist.

Dedicated 5G resource slicing; increased architectural complexity; automated operations; infrastructure vendor diversity; unpredictable demand; and data-thirsty real-time services driving network performance to the limits: these factors make it crucial to implement a systemic operational approach to simplify the visibility of your end-to-end service architecture at any time, guaranteeing all SLAs are met.

With our single SLA-focused network management solution, you can unify responsibility for radio, x-haul (transmission), core, cloud and applications assurance. Such flexibility keeps communication with your business partners on high-level or detailed performances of delivered services simple.

Key benefits

Consolidate SLA governance

Consolidate SLA governance

Consolidate multi-regional, multi-vendor and multi-domain mobile networks through single automated governance of Service Level Assurances. Benchmark regional and vendor performance between each other to ensure maximum stability and utilisation across all infrastructure. Proactively align quality of experience, independently of regional and vendor specifics. Be on top of your end-to-end mobile network performance.

Reduce network outages

Reduce network outages

Reduce outages through market-unique end-to-end network normalisation, across all vendors and technologies. Automatically detect human errors and misalignments in new network elements. Build a knowledge base of best practices across the entire infrastructure. Get visibility of all network changes over time for immediate root-cause investigation.

Secure networks against traffic growth

Secure networks against traffic growth

Be confident in your mobile network’s stability and performance under heavy traffic conditions. Increase resource utilisation while decreasing congestion and failure risks. Ensure radio, core and transport network element alignment against automated golden rules templates. Grow faster organically, without incurring high expenses on third-party services.

Slice 5G with confidence

Slice 5G with confidence

Slice your network end-to-end to prioritise signalling and real-time traffic across the whole network. Align radio, core and transport network elements through unified slicing rules for next-generation technologies. Ensure smooth coexistence of 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G technologies through simplification and harmonisation 365 days a year. Transform from a best-effort networking supplier into a next-generation guaranteed service delivery provider.

Elastic networking

Use elastic networking

Manage seasonal migrations, traffic redistribution during lockdowns or large-scale events through elastic networking automation to secure top-notch service availability while minimising costs. Deliver your service where and when it’s needed, predicting peak loads and bottlenecks, and spot underutilization for proactive network management across your entire network.

Focus on VIPs

Focus on VIPs

Assure your VIP customers’ mobile service experience in real-time by detecting current service degradations and preventing new ones, providing first-class performance for your key clients. Be ahead of any circumstances that may result in VIP churn and attract new elite customers through guaranteed network availability and service excellence.

How we help

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Unified SLA management across all mobile network domains and technologies 

Multiple vendors, technologies and various service quality objectives now coexist, requiring a single SLA-focused network management solution that offers unified responsibility for radio, x-haul, core, cloud and applications assurance. We offer this solution. 

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Management of CSP enterprise SLAs with 5G slicing 

CSPs’ enterprise customers (retail, carrier-to-carrier and 5G slicing) need complete real-time visibility of their business services against their agreed SLAs. Infovista network solutions handle enterprise-specific, complex SLA requirements through proactive SLA management and real-time service performance visibility for each business service. 

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Automated mobile networks performance management  

Resolving complex 4G and 5G operations due to multiple service assurance systems, RAN performance issues, and resource planning, Infovista’s solutions streamline all performance management activities. Custom dashboards featuring configuration, performance and faults for each network element enable root-cause analysis, while fixing problems through automation allows faster resolution time with minimum or no human effort. 

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Break down OSS silos 

Through multi-source real-time acquisition of data via telemetry, open APIs and a data mediation bus, we offer a solution for interoperability. This breaks down operational silos, providing performance management across the entire network in a single pane of glass.