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5G Network Configuration

Simplify, standardize and scale with automated inventory and CM audits

Automation for sustainable growth

With multiple layers of conflicting technology, CSP networks have become complicated tech skyscrapers. 

Service providers need to transform to a single, automated workflow with universal access to data sources across the network if they want to simplify, standardize and scale.

We make that transformation straightforward with Network Lifecycle Automation (NLA), removing complexity so you can redesign your existing infrastructure, while automating the deployment of new cloud-based and microservice-focused networks.

Key benefits

Build a singular, end-to-end view of your data

Build a singular, end-to-end view of your data

Consolidate into a single view of your end-to-end network management. See inventory, configuration and mobile network topology, as well as other databases containing information about the network.

Standardize and scale design practices

Standardize and scale design practices

Eliminate human error and misalignment. Create a knowledge base of best practices to standardize the design of multi-vendor and multi-domain mobile networks in one integrated environment.

Roadmap your network simplification

Roadmap your network simplification

Increase productivity so engineers can focus on new territories like 5G with flexible rules and a templating engine to create simple and standardized network blocks.

Scale best practices

Scale best practices

Millions of simple and standardized network blocks serve as a foundation for unprecedented network scalability for tier-1, 2 and 3 networks. Use automated best configuration practices to deploy and expand mobile networks faster with a secured quality of service.

Rollout and swap management

Rollout and swap management

Automatic roll-out and vendor-swap management facilitates new network element deployment, reducing time to market, and empowering swap projects and network upgrades in a single virtual co-working environment.

How we help

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Break silos to enable scalable networks 

Transforming legacy or deploying cloud-based next generation mobile network infrastructure for network slicing and scalable resource allocation requires silo reduction through full network lifecycle automation.

Our Network Lifecycle Automation (NLA) solutions break silos and automate the routine for standardized and scalable resource allocation.

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Optimize network costs over the entire network lifecycle

Network Lifecycle Automation (NLA) promotes efficient network planning, deployment compliance management, and versatile troubleshooting and operations. These reduce costs for all phases of the network lifecycle. 

Our NLA solutions allow you to streamline your network management processes and run multiple ‘what if’ scenarios. This reduces time to market, and increases the capacity and stability of your mobile infrastructure.

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End-to-end automation for planning, design, service assurance and testing 

By connecting network planning, design, service assurance and testing in a single, highly automated workflow you can seamlessly re-design and integrate your network infrastructure, driving market leadership and innovation through a single closed-loop process.

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Keep it simple 

Everything exists for a reason. There must be a design specification, a rule or a template. Thanks to our unique automation of mobile infrastructure configuration, we bring order to chaos and reduce human error, delivering higher performance and more capacity to the same network resource.