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Complete control and
coordination of field teams

Now available for all TEMS™ data collection tools, TEMS FleetManager is a cloud-based tool enabling managers to remotely distribute work instructions, view driver and test progress in realtime, and interact with the data collection process from anywhere.

Monitor probe status and results to proactively identify and resolve issues
View current and historical driver and probe location with all captured events
Assign the latest test configurations to field teams or automated probes with set-and-forget triggers

TEMS FleetManager

Cloud-Based Management Console for Remote Network Testing

Remotely monitor and view probe data

Fleet Manager allows managers to remotely monitor probe status and view collected data, enabling them to proactively identify and resolve network issues.

Multiple data views from a single dashboard

The single dashboard offers current and historic driver and probe location data views, across all captured events. It also allows managers to assign the latest test configurations to both field teams and automated probes with ‘set-and-forget’ triggers.

TEMS FleetManager screen

Control, Plan and Monitor with TEMS FleetManager.
It’s the ideal tool for:

Remote Management
Remote Management

Eliminate human errors and streamline data collection processes with remote management

Real-time Monitoring
Real-time Monitoring

Gain total visibility of your drive tests with near real-time monitoring of device status

Campaign Planning
Campaign Planning

Plan and build your drive test campaigns through an intuitive UI

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TEMS FleetManager

Use Cases

Find Your TEMS Product

  • TEMS™ Investigation
  • TEMS™ Pocket
  • TEMS™Automatic
  • TEMS™Discovery
  • TEMS™ FleetManager
  • TEMS™ Investigation

    TEMS™ Investigation

    Drive testing solution for mobile networks

    TEMS Investigation is an active, end-to-end testing solution used to verify, optimize and troubleshoot the QoE of HetNet RAN and services from a subscriber perspective for in-vehicle, in-building and pedestrian-area testing scenarios.

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  • TEMS™ Pocket

    TEMS™ Pocket

    Ultraportable network testing solution for indoor/ outdoor

    TEMS Pocket is a phone-based test tool developed for measuring the performance and quality parameters of wireless networks. From HetNet planning and design, to deployment and optimization, TEMS Pocket enables you to test your network from a user’s perspective in any location.

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  • TEMS™Automatic

    TEMS™ Automatic

    Autonomous testing 24/7

    TEMS Automatic is the market leader in unattended testing and verification of mobile networks. A TEMS Automatic system enables you to automate your ways of working and collect the right data, in the right place, at the right time, in the simplest and most efficient manner possible.

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  • TEMS™Discovery

    TEMS™ Discovery

    Collect and analyze virtually limitless amounts of mobile network data

    TEMS Discovery is the wireless industry’s most comprehensive network analytics and optimization platform, providing mobile operators and their service providers with unparalleled insight into network performance as perceived by subscribers at the device, application and network level.

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  • TEMS™ FleetManager

    TEMS™ FleetManager

    Complete, powerful fleet management for operational drive testing

    TEMS FleetManager is a cloud-based tool that allows wireless operators to remotely distribute test drive instructions to their teams, view and monitor driver and test progress in real-time, and interact with the data collection process from anywhere.

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