IP VPN Service Level Management

Deliver high-performance IP VPN services while demonstrating service level agreement (SLA) compliance

IP VPN Service Level ManagementIncrease business service revenues with application performance reporting
Service manager investigating IP VPN performance and QoS for Wayne Enterprises’s gold service

IP VPNs are the mainstay of next-generation-network business services worldwide. Communications Service Providers’ (CSPs) customers demand performance guarantees, proof-points, multiple classes of service, seamless scalability and wide service coverage. So, how can CSP's not only deliver on these expectations with proper service level management, but also provide a differentiated service and drive a positive customer experience?

The answer: by aligning the CSP's network operations with engineering and planning to deliver the necessary performance to the end customer, and then demonstrating the IP VPN's quality with real-time performance reporting. The included multi-tenant, Web-based portal demonstrates SLA compliance and forecasting of service usage and performance degradation. In addition, it empowers the end customer with self-service dashboards, maps, filters and user-configurable thresholds using an intuitive Web 2.0-based GUI.

InfoVista's ability to link the three dimensions of service performance - the resources, end-to-end performance metrics such as latency, jitter and packet loss, and class-based service utilization - gives the CSP the ability to define, manage and deliver a service-based view of its multi-vendor, multi-CoS IP VPN to the end customer. The underlying service modeling capability ensures that what the customer sees maps directly to the service they buy. Built to handle the capacity that CSPs require with billions of transactions processed each day, the IP VPN service level management solution provides both the technical and commercial scalability to help the CSP best align investment with return.

In addition the CSP can choose to extend its IP VPN reporting with the added value of application performance management through our Application Visibility Services.

Use Cases: 

  • Increase customer WINs with real-time, SLA proof-points

    Demonstrate IP VPN service quality with resource, usage and end-to-end performance visibility and SLA reporting with self-service capabilities for enterprise customers.

  • Drive new revenue with Application Visibility Services add-on

    Enhance the value of IP VPN services and bolster revenues by delivering application usage and performance visibility using pre-built integration with leading equipment vendors and their DPI and flow-based instrumentation.

  • Empower the IP VPN services customer

    Deliver customer-configurable thresholds and alerting on key performance indicators like latency, jitter and packet loss using a self-service dashboard and iPhone application, empowering the enterprise network managers to stay on top of their IP VPN service performance in real time.

  • Rapidly launch services with standalone customer service performance portal

    With a SSO-based, multi-tenant customer portal, the CSP can rapidly deploy its service’s proof point to their enterprise customers or gracefully integrate the reporting into an existing portal solution.

  • Manage the multi-vendor networks with ease

    Collect and normalize performance indicators and present them to the customer in a consistent fashion, regardless of any vendor’s unique technical indicators, storage and access methods, or element management systems.

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