Cloud Services SLA and Service Management

Unified Cloud Service Assurance and SLA Reporting across network, storage, compute resources and applications

Cloud Services SLA and Service Management ReportingIncrease business service revenues with application performance reportingIncrease business service revenues with application performance reporting
Online storage via IaaS for retail customer with e2e visibility.

Cloud services growth is unparalleled. The one common element all cloud services require is the network. Public cloud services that rely on the Internet for access to their subscribers are very popular, but enterprises are beginning to demand greater performance, security and reliability of private networks. Providers of cloud services, whether CSP-based, MSP-based or ASP-based, face the added challenge of migrating data and compute resources between data centers and their data center interconnects. How do these cloud providers not only assure the service performance of their storage, compute and network resources, but also extend that assurance to the end customer with true end-to-end SLA reporting?

InfoVista's ability to deliver cross-domain performance reporting of the servers, virtual machines, storage components and both data center and wide-area networks enables CSPs and cloud providers to offer the necessary proof-points for securing the enterprise's business. Additionally, this allows them to deliver empowered service performance reporting using a multi-tenant, brandable, Web-based portal.

The enterprise demands high reliability and low risk when investing in cloud services (e.g. IaaS), especially for business-critical applications. With InfoVista's solution for cloud services reporting, they can assure the enterprise of the service quality and empower it to manage the performance of those services, including self-service dashboards and custom, user-configurable thresholds. Furthermore, the cloud provider can extend reporting to the application layer with dependency maps, application performance and usage reporting through our Application Visibility Services.

Use Cases: 

  • Integrated cloud and network SLA reporting

    Deliver innovative SLAs based on real-time KPIs that combine compute-, storage-, application- and network-based metrics for true end-to-end cloud service assurance.

  • Extend the value of VPN services

    Deliver a compelling, Web 2.0-based performance portal to cloud services’ customers with self-service capabilities that enable them to actively manage their cloud services’ performance.

  • Deliver application performance visibility

    Support performance reporting for firewalls, load balancers, and flow-based and DPI-enabled instrumentation to tie the network to the application for superior cloud service visibility, demonstrating the service quality and reliability of storage, infrastructure and applications delivered as a service.

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