Carrier Ethernet Service Level Management

MEF-aligned, service-centric CE 2.0 customer reporting and service quality management

Carrier Ethernet Service Assurance SolutionsIncrease business service revenues with application performance reporting
MEF-aligned Carrier Ethernet service assurance with self-service customer dashboard help CSPs to demonstrate the value of their CE service offering to both retail and wholesale customers.

Carrier Ethernet services is the leading technology that operators worldwide are selecting for delivery of their retail business and wholesale services, including backhauling cell tower traffic in the mobility space and Internet traffic for ISPs and their residential and SMB endpoints. How can CSPs capitalize on the growth of Carrier Ethernet and implement service level management best practices?

With the Metro Ethernet Forum's 10+ years of work and the launch of CE 2.0 in 2012, operators now have the cost-per-bit advantages of Carrier Ethernet services with business class features, such as multiple classes of service and new management best practices for managing end-to-end service performance. This includes frame delay, delay variation, frame loss and service availability.

InfoVista's support for Carrier Ethernet service constructs - like E-Lines, E-LANs, the associated resource infrastructure and ability to include and unify the vendor-provided metrics for end-to-end performance - enables the operator to manage its multi-vendor Carrier Ethernet-based service to the highest standards available in the market with its chosen network architecture. In addition, with the increasing level of competition, the operator can demonstrate its service's unique capabilities with performance proof-points, SLA reporting, and offer tailored performance visibility to key customers in financial, healthcare or other demanding sectors. Self-serve dashboards empower an operator’s retail customers' network management and wholesale customers' NOC to enable their own custom thresholding, alerting and configurable views specific to their particular needs, further driving the value of the Carrier Ethernet service to the end customer

Use Cases: 

Differentiate Carrier Ethernet service offerings

With MEF-aligned, service level reporting with real-time KPIs and a self-service customer dashboard, the CSP can demonstrate the value and performance of the CE 2.0 service offerings to both retail and wholesale customers.

Deliver services with advanced MEF-based SLAs

Support, Carrier Ethernet 2.0’s multiple classes of service and service level specifications that address the enterprise’s business-critical applications using our SLA and performance reporting engine.

Empower the Ethernet services customer

Deliver customer-configurable thresholds and alerting on key performance indicators, such as frame delay and frame delay variation, using a self-service dashboard and iPhone application to empower the enterprise network managers to stay on top of their Carrier Ethernet service performance in real time.

Rapidly launch services with standalone customer service performance portal

With a SSO-based, multi-tenant customer portal the CSP can rapidly deploy their service’s proof point to their retail and wholesale customers or gracefully integrate the reporting into an existing portal solution.

Manage the Carrier Ethernet best practices lifecycle

Collect and normalize performance indicators and present them to the customer in a consistent fashion, regardless of the current evolution of your multi-vendor network equipment to Carrier Ethernet standards.

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