Fixed Line Broadband Performance Management

End-to-End network performance management solution for broadband services

Fixed Line Broadband Performance ManagementIncrease business service revenues with application performance reporting
InfoVista provides comprehensive Service Assurance for the multi-domain, heterogeneous, multi-play services environment.

Internet Protocol (IP) offers broadband service providers a single medium to deliver voice, Internet access and television services to large numbers of subscribers. In order to make their broadband services profitable, broadband providers must cost-effectively monitor and manage the complexities of the far-reaching broadband infrastructures, and prevent churn by continually improving their quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE).

QoE is influenced by the amount of traffic across the broadband service delivery chain, and the health and reachability of the resources in each domain of the network. Ensuring a high-quality broadband experience requires that the broadband providers acquire end-to-end visibility from the core to the access networks (BRAS, DSLAM, WiMAX, CMTS and FTTx), and holistically monitor the relevant performance indicators and QoE factors across all resources of the broadband network.

VistaInsight for Networks, InfoVista’s solution for network performance management, and its Broadband Knowledge Pack solution for BRAS, DSLAM, WiMAX, CMTS and FTTx monitoring, enables telecommunications providers to monitor the performance and capacity of their multi-vendor, multi-technology broadband network infrastructures from an end-to-end perspective. This end-to-end monitoring of network resources empowers engineering and operations departments with the solution they need to avoid stranded network capacity and resources, oversubscription and unbalanced network utilization, and to accelerate the time to resolve performance degradation problems.

Use Cases: 

  • Holistically monitor service and resource performance across the heterogeneous broadband network from a single, unified view, as well as from a technology and vendor perspective
  • Proactively investigate network-related issues and potential impacts on subscribers
  • Gain regional/market/site visibility for improved troubleshooting, issue resolution and service growth planning, optimizing capital expenditure across consumer groups and geographies
  • Reduce operational delays to ensure fast time-to-market of new broadband services
  • Enable capacity assessment and forecasting for broadband access networks
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