InfoVista offers a complete suite of education services to complement its software portfolio, for Service Assurance and Planning.InfoVista Training is offered both as public and onsite courses:

Public Courses

These standard training classes are offered at our Paris (France) and Dallas (USA) facilities. They provide a cost-effective and convenient means of training smaller groups of employees. We offer fully equipped professional training facilities and class sizes are limited to ensure an optimal training experience.

» InfoVista Public Course Schedule

Onsite Courses

These Onsite Courses offer a maximum level of focus on your business needs while minimizing the amount of travel time for your employees. We provide standard training classes or customized classes to ensure that your training objectives are met at your location.


InfoVista's e-learning program offers an up-to-date and cost-effective training option at your own pace and in any location. Sign up and gain a deeper knowledge in strategically chosen areas on InfoVista's industry leading network planning solution.

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Vista360® V2.2 - User Course

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25/04/2016:Why Business Performance Hinges on UCC UX

In today’s enterprise landscape, user experience (UX) and business performance go hand-in-hand. In order for a company to succeed, enterprises need all employees to enjoy the best quality of experience (QoE) possible on all business-critical applications and unified...