• Reduce Subscriber Churn through Mobile Network Experience Optimization (NEO)


Product at a Glance

Mobile network operators (MNOs) are in a constant battle to meet subscribers' network quality expectations amidst ongoing changes in network utilization patterns and rapidly increasing capacity demands. With mobile networks spanning multiple radio generations, frequency bands and vendors, it is becoming increasingly imperative for mobile operators to continuously optimize their mobile networks regardless of size and complexity. This will help ensure a high quality of experience (QoE) for subscribers, while keeping OPEX and CAPEX costs in check.

Understand, analyze and optimize network performance across all the different technologies and vendors
Understand, analyze and optimize network performance across all the different technologies and vendors
Subscriber and Network Experience Optimization
Subscriber and Network Experience Optimization
QoS Insight
QoS Insight

In a competitive environment where customer retention is key, mobile operators’ knowledge of subscribers’ experience and behavior over time and space is mandatory. A solution that provides such holistic insights for an entire network, 24/7 and across multiple technologies and vendors, makes it possible to deliver the optimal network experience.

VistaNEO, InfoVista’s solution for holistic mobile network experience optimization, enables MNOs to collect and monitor millions of subscriber-centric events across the entire mobile network. This solution automatically post-processes and aggregates the call records into rich and accurate network and geo-located subscriber intelligence. RAN engineers can leverage this information to focus on network troubleshooting and optimization activities that truly make a difference.

A powerful and scalable, client server-based solution, VistaNEO allows RAN engineers to drill down and carry out in-depth analysis of live, geolocated subscriber data records to better understand how the network impacts the subscriber experience and to proactively solve network problems before they truly affect subscribers.

Key Features

Subscriber Insight

VistaNEO includes a quick view of subscriber experience trends, including call-outs for subscribers with the most issues through Worst Performing Subscriber charts. From these charts, RAN engineers can do a direct drill-down to the detailed call analysis, in order to efficiently and effectively find out which subscribers are being affected by which recurring network issues and where.

Network Insights

Understand, analyze and optimize network performance across all the different technologies and vendors, and quickly resolve problematic areas with in-depth statistical KPIs. Smooth, drill-down analysis from high-level dashboards to detailed reports reduces optimization and troubleshooting time by providing the right diagnostics, such as the cells with the most issues, which allows targeted troubleshooting in order to improve overall network QoS.

QoS Insight

Resolve network performance issues related to abnormal events such as dropped or blocked calls. With automated event diagnostics, the root causes of dropped and blocked calls, such as missing neighbors or quality issues, are immediately identified and can be addressed.

Network Optimization & Troubleshooting

With VistaNEO, there is no longer the need to go through tedious and labor-intensive analysis processes in order to detect the cause of poor cell performance or low user QoS. Potential reasongs include data throughput and abnormal call events, pilot pollution, overshooting cells and missing neighbors. VistaNEO’s built-in algorithm traces L3 messages to get to the root of the problem, applies integrated optimization best practices and in-depth optimization analyses that enable faster and more efficient workflows.

Live Geo-Analysis

Powerful geolocation and visualization capabilities allow mobile operators to understand high traffic locations and to optimize problem areas. RAN engineers can create coverage plots and display abnormal event locations based on real subscriber data, reducing drive testing dependencies.

Use Cases

Subscriber Analytics

24/7 subscriber-centric data aggregation provides high granularity and a clearer understanding of the mobile subscriber experience to allow for mitigating subscriber quality degradation before subscribers complain.

Problematic Area Identification

Rapid drill-down analysis and the right diagnostics with geo-located information, from the highest level to detailed troubleshooting, helps reduce OPEX by decreasing the time required for engineers to identify problematic areas in the network.

Subscriber and Network Experience Optimization

By correlating large amounts of subscriber calls and network quality data, VistaNEO provides RAN engineers with previously unavailable, valuable insights into geo-located subscriber behavior and the impact on network quality, which ultimately helps engineers execute better network optimization strategies to improve subscriber QoS.

Live Planning

Synchronize live network subscriber measurement data into Planet, InfoVista’s RF planning solution, ensuring maximum integrity and efficiency for the network design and planning activities. Get accurate view of their mobile network’s current status, its evolving traffic demands and existing network issues, and facilitate timely radio network planning and optimization decisions for areas of poor performance or quickly growing traffic demand.