On-demand, actionable intelligence for network performance and application performance management

Vista360Increase business service revenues with application performance reporting
Integrated self-service VPN dashboard for user-defined analytics and alerting - network bandwidth utilization and response time.

Is your organization suffering from information overload? Do your decision makers have to sort through massive amounts of business-relevant network performance management and application performance management information before they are able to intelligently make decisions?

Vista360, InfoVista's powerful and innovative Web 2.0 application, provides a flexible, easy-to-use, self-service network performance and application performance dashboard that enables decision makers to access the data they need, how and when they want it, in order to take effective and decisive action. Vista360 sits across any of InfoVista’s network, server and application reporting solutions and leverages InfoVista’s powerful service assurance technology platform. The solution meets InfoVista customers’ demand for personalized and actionable real-time data while helping them to operationally simplify the use of network performance, service performance and application performance information from InfoVista’s VistaInsight for Networks and 5View Service Data Manager solutions.

Vista360 enables service providers to empower their operation team with the ability to create and modify their own network performance and application performance dashboards for monitoring, analyzing and troubleshooting services which complements traditional and reactive fault-based approach. With Vista360’s combined flexibility and ease-of-use, operations engineers are able to create their own view of the service and its three dimensions—usage, infrastructure and end-to-end performance—delivering visualization of the service.

By being application aware, Vista360 enables operations engineers to understand not only the visualization of relationships between infrastructure components but also how the services are being used by the application, including the application’s performance. This visibility is critical when providing application aware services.

Use Cases: 

Demonstrate quality of services with sophisticated customer reporting
Differentiate business services offers with premium reporting services
Provide service and resource usage reporting to engineering & planning staff
Improve operational efficiency
Reduce performance degradation mean time to repair
Ensure network(s) performance
Ensure data center(s) performance
Enable capacity assessment and forecasting

Key Features: 

Simple and unified network performance and application performance navigation
Self-service and personalized dashboards
Application aware, service-oriented analytics
Intuitive role-aligned views and ability for each user to create his or her own analysis
“One-click” single-pane navigation with drag-and-drop, state-of-the-art Web 2.0 user-interfaces (UIs)
Real-time, on-demand data collection and analytics
Collaborative interface
iPhone app support

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