Unified Service Performance Assurance Platform

An advanced, world-class software platform that supports the efficient delivery of proactive service assurance

InfoVista’s Service Performance Assurance Platform is the single, unified platform for assuring and optimizing IP based networks, services and applications. The platform’s capabilities supports communications service providers’ (CSPs) and large enterprise IT organizations’ need to cost-effectively deliver differentiated services, maintain optimal quality of service (QoS) and end customer quality of experience (QoE), while reducing OPEX/CAPEX and lowering total cost of ownership (TCO). Validated in the most demanding environments of the world’s largest CSPs, InfoVista’s Service Performance Assurance Platform ensures that innovative companies can confidently address the current and future demands of their business, engineering and operations organizations. 

Infovista Unified Service Performance Assurance Platform allows IT/Operation organizations to:

Use Cases: 

Respond Quickly to Business Requirements

Flexible service definition templates empower IT staff to model and monitor new network entities and services without professional service engagements, software upgrades or scripting. These service templates can be updated to support the monitoring of complex and custom SLAs per service and customer, enabling Communication Service Providers (CSP) to define and rollout new services on time and on budget.

Minimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

InfoVista’s Platform is unrivaled in its ability to scale efficiently in order to manage large, diverse and geographically dispersed networks and their infrastructure, services and applications.

Augment the Value of CSPs OSS/BSS and Large Enterprise IT Ecosystems

InfoVista opens its Service Assurance Platform through a variety of real-time and schedulable import/export mechanisms. These open interfaces enable IT staff to tightly integrate the Performance Assurance Platform with business critical applications, OSS systems and existing processes to automate real-time, large-scale data sharing between systems.

Empower Internal and External Customers

Deliver real-time views of all network services and domains with self-service reporting capabilities and dashboards tailored to users’ roles

Flexible and patented service-aware data model

Instantly transform IT performance data into relevant, insightful and actionable information on service and resource performance that crosses traditional IT silos

Key Features: 

Unified application and network performance assurance in a single pane of glass

Linking application performance to the customers using them and the network and service infrastructure supporting them

Easy to-use Web 2.0 portal

The Web 2.0 powerful and simple user interface and drag-and-drop functionality enables users to very easily create custom, on-demand reports to access the data they need, how and when they want it, in order to take effective and decisivr action — without relying on IT or system administrators. This user-friendly interface and functionality also enables more granular awareness of potential impacts to quality of service, while improving total cost of ownership and customer satisfaction. 

Unrivalled scalability

InfoVista’s largest customers are taking advantage of this scalability by monitoring services and networks that span in excess of 150,000 network devices and hundreds of thousands of virtual and physical elements.

Openness capabilities

Supports customized integration with virtually any third-party OSS and mission-critical BSS applications, including fault management, provisioning, service activation, service support, charging and policy management solutions

Out-of-the-box integrations with leading vendors’ network management systems

Including Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia Siemens Networks, which offer the benefits of best-of-breed, off-the-shelf software without the typical costs and risks of complex integration projects

Reliable platform foundation with a robust recovery management system

 Helps to ensure deployment stability and management platform availability

Multi-Tenant support at the collection, aggregation and presentation layers

Data aggregation, reporting and user management functions are mapped to customer organizations so one customer will never see another’s data

Optimized storage and aggregation of flow and call data records
Real-time network performance data collection, aggregation and analysis

Real-time data collection, analysis and computation enables proatcive performance degradation identification and troubleshooting, enabling network operations to solve network problems before quality of services and end-user quality of experience are impacted, and ultimately avoid newtork fault.

Full support of Linux, Solaris and Windows environments

Features supported in virtualized environments and in the cloud

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