VistaLink for 5620 SAM

A certified, pre-integrated network performance management solution for Alcatel-Lucent Network environment

VistaLink for Alcatel-Lucent 5620 SAMIncrease business service revenues with application performance reporting
VistaLink for Alcatel-Lucent 5620 SAM model for network performance management and service quality visualization.

InfoVista’s VistaLink for Alcatel-Lucent 5620 Service Aware Manager (SAM) is a pre-built integration solution (certified by the Alcatel-Lucent OSS Connected Partner Program) that offers the benefits of best-of-breed, off-the-shelf software without the typical costs and risks of complex integration projects. This extension module, suitable for large heterogeneous networks, provides Alcatel-Lucent 5620 SAM users with a sophisticated, multi-vendor network performance management solution that fully leverages the capabilities of the Alcatel-Lucent 5620 SAM suite.

VistaLink for Alcatel-Lucent 5620 SAM ensures the delivery of premium, high-value, IP-based services for Communications Service Providers (CSPs). Using VistaLink for Alcatel-Lucent 5620 SAM, CSPs and IT organizations can demonstrate the quality of their services with sophisticated customer reporting, measure basic and custom service level agreements (SLAs), monitor resource health and service usage, and enable early warnings on service levels and network performance degradations.

VistaLink for Alcatel-Lucent 5620 SAM enables rapid configuration and tailoring to meet the unique needs of CSPs. As a ConnectedPremier partner (the top tier of Alcatel-Lucent’s Connected Partner Program), InfoVista commits to proactively maintaining interoperability with the latest releases of Alcatel-Lucent’s 5620 SAM. Through InfoVista’s close interactions and collaboration with the SAM OSS team, plus a rigorous test program for certification, service providers can be assured that their performance management and network monitoring environments will continue to execute flawlessly, even after their networks are upgraded, enabling them to take advantage of the latest features in a new Alcatel-Lucent release.

Use Cases: 

  • Demonstrate services quality with sophisticated customer reporting

    Fully configurable KPI reporting and calculation for custom SLA requirements, internal engineering metrics and VIP customer reporting help fixed communication service providers, mobile operators and shared IT organizations to demonstrate the quality of their services with branded customer reporting.

  • Differentiate business services offers with premium reporting services

    Create innovative mufti-tiered and branded reporting portfolio as an add-on to your existing VPN or Cloud Services.

  • Provide basic and custom service level agreements (SLAs) to high-valued customers

    Produce personalized customer reports that fit each of your customer's specific requirements, architectures and SLAs, then make them securely available online through your customer portal to strengthen your customer relationship.

  • Secure customers’ high-value business

    Win new business with your most valued customers with a reporting solution tailored to their needs.

  • Provide service and resource usage reporting to engineering & planning staff

    Offers capacity assessment and forecasting on multi-domain, multi-vendor networks.

  • Improve operational efficiency

    Quickly and efficiently access service-relevant data using a business-intelligent, workflow-based navigation.

  • Reduce mean time to repair (MTTR)

    Offers flexible, easy-to-use, self-service performance dashboard that enables decision makers to access and share network intelligence on demand.

  • Accelerate time-to-market of differentiated backhaul and IP/Carrier Ethernet services

    A MEF-aligned Service Performance Assurance solution, VistaLink for 5620 SAM provides CSPs with the service quality visualization they need to proof-point the value of their services to their customers, and generate additional revenues with hands-on troubleshooting and premium reporting capabilities.

Key Features: 

  • Single-sign-on, Web-based reporting

    All reporting and analytics is done through a web browser. Coupled with built-in SSO, the reports and pages can be easily integrated into larger portal projects.

  • Service-centric modeling

    A service-centric approach delivers top-down, actionable visibility from the service to the underlying usage, infrastructure and end-to-end KPIs. Proactive analysis map customers to service levels and deliver visibility into relationships between service performance and network & IT resources.

  • Out-of-the-box, certified integration

    Out-of-the-box KPIs, reports and in-depth visibility and monitoring of pertinent objects in the Alcatel-Lucent network environment, including routers, interfaces, service access points (SAPs), SAP queues, service delivery points (SDPs), link aggregation groups, multilink point-to-point protocol bundles (MLPPPs), MPLS interfaces, MPLS LSPs, and OAM tests. Auto-discovery of topology and synchronization between the 5620 SAM and InfoVista service performance assurance platform.

  • Proactive and predictive service impact alerts

    Deliver automated notification of forecasted capacity limits and abnormal performance.

  • Out-of-the-box and configurable KPIs for differentiated service offerings

    Out-of-the-box KPIs, monitoring and reporting on the most common and pertinent analytics and indicators for the provisioned Layer 2 and Layer 3 networks (including IPv6 metrics). As customers demand more for less, being able to tailor services to meet specific customer needs enables differentiation and increases customer wins.

  • Built for multi-tenancy

    Built to support multiple customers and services while ensuring customers can only access reports and network intelligence on their own services, without the cost of building and maintaining separate systems for each customer.

  • High Availability

    Alcatel-Lucent 5620 SAM's high availability and system redundancy is fully supported. Any failure of the primary server, or connection to that server, triggers VistaLink for 5620 SAM to switch to the secondary SAM server and continue the data collection and service topology synchronization.

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