5View NetFlow

Powerful, real-time application NetFlow monitoring and analysis

5View NetFlow : Network Traffic AnalysisIncrease business service revenues with application performance reporting
5View NetFlow: Real-time network traffic analysis and application flow monitoring and analysis.

5View Netflow is used by global IT managers and Communications Service Providers’ (CSPs) engineering and operation teams to ensure applications are delivered as expected and are operating as efficiently as possible. Contributing to data center monitoring and application-aware network performance management (ANPM) strategies, a comprehensive application flow analysis solution provides the relevant information needed to guarantee that traffic engineering and prioritization policies are optimized, and that network and application performance and service quality meet business requirements.

With broad support for the most commonly deployed flow technologies, 5View Netflow simplifies traffic monitoring by extracting actionable intelligence from IP traffic flows. As a purpose-built appliance, 5View NetFlow scales from the smallest to the largest networks. Incorporating business-relevant, hierarchical groupings, it can efficiently monitor the performance of thousands of applications across a distributed network. This allows the user to drill down to detailed flow metrics, including interface, application, server and client-server conversation usage reports. In addition to incorporating all of the industry application flow management best practices, 5View NetFlow tracks 100% of the NetFlow, Jflow, SFlow, and IPFIX data.

5View NetFlow also incorporates unique features, such as de-duplication of NetFlow records—enabling the user to access accurate data faster, as well as the creation of a sophisticated IPDR to efficiently manage and manipulate NetFlow data.

Providing a customizable, customer-facing portal, 5View SDM complements 5View Netflow’s multi-tenant capabilities, enabling CSPs to augment their existing business service portfolios with innovative application visibility services.

Use Cases: 

  • Track, troubleshoot and quickly resolve application-based performance problems
  • Easily identify bandwidth-intensive applications or the cause of network congestion
  • Understand application traffic distribution to maximize provider VPN use and ensure appropriate bandwidth and resource engineering (per site/campus)
  • Validate or improve on quality of service (QoS) deployment and class of service (CoS) configuration
  • Efficiently perform in-depth application flow analysis
  • Monitor trends in application behavior
  • Immediately detect rogue activity on the network
  • Identify denial of service attacks, port scanning or unauthorized activity

Key Features: 

  • Tracking for 100% of NetFlow, Jflow, SFlow, and IPFIX data
  • Processing of up to 350,000 flow records per second with one appliance; Multiple appliances can scale to manage millions of records per second
  • Quick time to deploy—an appliance can be up and running, collecting data and reporting in a day
  • Support Cisco’s Application Visibility and Control (AVC)
  • De-duplication of NetFlow records reduces the amount of unnecessary data stored
  • Sophisticated IPDR's created to better manage and manipulate NetFlow data
  • Out-of-the box reporting, custom reporting and top-down analyses through drill downs
  • Business-relevant, hierarchical groupings; single, multi-interface and enterprise-wide perspectives, individual and group-aggregated statistics
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