• Improving operational efficiency by unleashing the intelligence offered through coverage maps and network simulations


Product at a Glance

Efficient wireless network management has become vital for operators faced with the incessant growth of mobile data traffic and the urgent need to reduce transport costs by migrating networks to next-generation technologies. This new tech includes IP/Ethernet backhaul or LTE and LTE-Advanced networks. Fusion automates repetitive tasks and streamlines access to important information, offering operators a new level of network intelligence that will allow them to streamline processes, reduce engineering tool OPEX and further improve the customer experience.

Coverage in NOX along with sectors that are thematically mapped by performance data provides a unique combined view of both RAN and backhaul capabilities.
Coverage in NOX along with sectors that are thematically mapped by performance data provides a unique combined view of both RAN and backhaul capabilities

Fusion automatically aggregates nationwide network configurations and creates real-time coverage maps and statistics for mobile operators. It makes it easier to produce, integrate, access, analyze and modify the information derived from air-interface simulations, measurements and the related network configuration. In essence, Fusion is the management platform that consolidates all of the most valuable assets that make up your wireless reach.

Fusion also makes it possible to automate the integration of the planning data with other sources of relevant network configuration or performance data. This can be very useful from a reporting perspective. Such integration is done through an embedded ETL platform that simplifies data adoption between the planning data and other data sources.

Fusion is a pivotal solution that bridges the gap between planning and operational systems, offering wireless operators innovative ways to control costs while maximizing revenue. With Fusion, backhaul and RAN engineering departments can automate, simplify and reduce the cost of producing coverage maps and network performance simulations, simplifying cross-department information sharing and increasing operational efficiencies.

Key Features

Capacity Assessment for RF Engineering Executives/Management

Fusion integrates with inventory systems to update/align simulations with site deployment rollout in order to analyze if capacity and coverage targets are being met or will be met in the future.

Automated Footprint Assessment for Backhaul and RAN Sharing Agreements

Wireless network operators that are reducing CAPEX and OPEX trough network sharing agreements can leverage Fusion maps to determine their entire network footprint, resulting from the combination of their own assets and their partner’s assets.

Coverage Maps and Performance Statistics for Customer Care

Fusion provides quick and easy access to highly detailed, up-to-date coverage maps that can be used by customer service staff to respond to customer complaints faster. Viewing coverage maps at the customer’s location helps troubleshoot the cause of a service disruption.

Visual, Interactive ETL Process Designer

Through an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface, engineers can effortlessly construct ETL commands for rapid data integration.

Use Cases

Manage your service rollouts more efficiently

Whether new markets, technologies, or subscriber types, use Fusion to increase the efficiency of your rollout project by comparing the actual network rollout with the planned rollout based on traffic requirements and population distribution.

Improve service level management of the RAN

With Fusion, one can collaborate with stakeholders using Fusion’s web-based portal to view coverage and quality of service data along with key performance indicators to assure service level targets are being met.

Enhance customer experience by empowering customer support

Fusion brings easily tailored information to customer support organizations empowering them to quickly and accurately respond to support calls based on coverage issues for the different services available in the mobile operator’s markets.

Increase effectiveness of strategic planning with up-to-date coverage intelligence

Based on current network coverage and capacity, Fusion enhances decision making through visualizing scenarios based on predicted traffic growth, which helps in determining which critical areas require additional resources.