5View Applications

Real-time application performance monitoring and troubleshooting

5View ApplicationsIncrease business service revenues with application performance reporting
InfoVista’s architecture for application performance management  and real-time troubleshooting.

5View Applications is used by IT departments to ensure quality of experience with critical communications services and business applications, and to accelerate performance degradation troubleshooting. With global organizations heavily dependent on access to their business applications from anywhere, at any time, global IT departments need in-depth actionable information across the entire application delivery chain. Access to real-time application performance metrics, from the data center out to globally distributed sites and end users, enables IT operations teams to either prevent any negative impact or minimize the effects of degraded performance on business activities.

5View Applications offers business-centric visibility into application quality of experience (QoE) and enables the IT organization to track usage by almost any combination of dimensions, including by office, region, country, application, client, server or infrastructure. The capability to detect and pinpoint the cause of application performance degradation issues and their effect on end user QoE relies on an in-depth understanding of the number and types of applications, their dependencies on the underlying delivery infrastructure, and established performance and operational baselines.

As a purpose-built appliance, 5View Applications scales from the smallest to the largest networks. Incorporating business-relevant hierarchical groupings, 5View Applications can efficiently track application QoE across a distributed network, allowing the user to drill down to detailed IT performance metrics. 5View Applications also incorporates a unique feature—the creation of a sophisticated IPDR to efficiently manage and manipulate application performance data.

Use Cases: 

Validate that application performance meets committed service levels
Understand how applications and services are impacted by network performance
Identify end-users experiencing application performance and availability issues
Reduce the time and resources required to pinpoint and resolve application delivery issues
Identify and resolve application performance degradation and availability issues before service levels are impacted
Eliminate finger-pointing as a source of poor application response times
Establish network and application performance baselines and highlight deviations
Align the delivery of applications and services to the underlying infrastructure
Assess the effectiveness of IPTOS, CoS, QoS policies and bandwidth allocation
Support enterprise grade application performance monitoring

Key Features: 

Processing of up to 500,000 simultaneous IP communications with one single device
Quick and easy integration—be up and running, collecting data, and reporting in a day
Business relevant data organization and reporting
Out-of-the box reporting, custom reporting, and top down analysis through drill downs
Automatic detection of applications, servers and clients
Easy access to application usage and QoS data through matrix capabilities
Scalable IPDR’s manage and manipulate application data
HTTPS massive traffic decoding mechanism

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