Application Performance Management

Ensure application QoS meets your corporate business needs and SLA objectives

CSPs and enterprises need exceptional end-to-end performance from their infrastructure and applications. InfoVista's 5View solutions for application performance management (APM) enable IT organizations to take a proactive approach to identifying and preventing impairments from altering application quality of service (QoS) and end-user quality of experience (QoE) across the entire application delivery chain.

To ensure application QoS and meet SLA requirements, service providers and enterprises need an application performance management capability that allows them to measure the elapsed time between a user or client request and the server’s response to that request. Armed with this information, network managers/traffic engineers can assign or reassess priority class of service treatment for the most critical or sensitive applications, and easily determine which are candidates for WAN optimization and application acceleration.

InfoVista’s application performance management solutions enable CSPs and enterprises to meet the increasing demands for application visibility, application usage management, application response management, application performance monitoring, and application performance optimization and reporting services. Equipped with the 5View Applications and 5View NetFlow appliances and 5View Service Data Manager, IT application and service delivery teams can ensure that application QoS is meeting corporate business needs and SLA objectives. InfoVista’s APM solutions quickly pinpoint performance-related issues, including: which applications are loading the network, whether critical applications are getting the proper priority class of service treatment and performing at the expected response levels, and which sites have the worst response times for a given application.

Leveraging 5View NetFlow data, 5View Mediation streamlines the capacity planning process with multi-dimensional analytics to enable improved CAPEX investment decisions.

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