Removing Barriers to New Cloud Services Revenue

“Will our cloud services be available when we need them? Will they perform as well or better than internal solutions? How do we ensure they are available and performing? How do we manage it alongside our internal services?”

Alleviating these common cloud services fears can be a challenge for the CSP. 

In essence the enterprise is giving up some aspect of management to receive benefits such as cost control and risk avoidance. However, depending on the service in question, its purpose and criticality to the business, this loss of control presents a significant barrier to adoption. The loss of control presents a risk factor and the enterprise needs a means to mitigate that risk. 

The key to addressing loss of control is more than strictly managing SLOs to achieve an overall SLA; it’s adding service visualization so that the enterprise can touch and feel the service in a similar fashion as it could if it was not based in the cloud.

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