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Private Cloud, IP-VPN, Application-Aware VPN, Premium Reporting Services, Carrier Ethernet Retail and Wholesale

Private Cloud, IP-VPN, Application-Aware VPN, Premium Reporting Services, Carrier Ethernet Retail and Wholesale

Solution Sheet / Premium reporting Solutions to Fight the IP-VPN Revenue CrunchCompanies with a global presence and those taking a centralized approach to computing rely heavily on applications and services hosted in virtualized data centers and traveling over a corporate network. These enterprises can incur significant indirect revenue loss when IP-based data-sharing services applications or on-demand IT services do not adequately support employee productivity. At the same time, enterprises are realizing that they can gain business efficiencies by outsourcing traditionally in-house IT functions to managed service providers (MSPs) and communication service providers (CSPs) that can offer a wealth of managed or cloud-based network, data center, and application services.

MSPs and CSPs offering Managed VPNs have already begun to provide additional services such as Premium Reporting, Application-Aware VPNs and WAN Optimization. By adding cloud-based infrastructure and applications to service portfolios, CSPs can increase their addressable market within large enterprises, avoiding the trap of being marginalized as “dumb pipe” providers, and instead becoming true enablers of their customer’s success.

Business communicationsInfoVista's industry-leading, carrier grade and proven performance assurance platform enables CSPs to offer unified visibility across Application-Aware VPNs, retail and wholesale Carrier Ethernet services, and cloud-based services such as IaaS. It equips service providers and enterprise IT with the actionable information needed to ensure that they are delivering the required service levels and are able to effectively manage the performance of innovative business services. Its Web 2.0 portal (Vista360) enables collaborative teamwork, discussion, and common visibility across different service efficiency and protecting SLA warranties.

InfoVista’s unified application and infrastructure performance assurance platform is a must-have to capture and retain valuable customers with exceptional quality of experience, launch innovative premium reporting services, keep costs down and deliver on SLAs.  Its future-proofed and carrier grade platform allows CSPs to successfully navigate the opportunities and risks in launching innovative services in a time to market manner.