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Why Vodafone’s Latest Initiative Needs End-to-End Network Monitoring to Succeed

08/12/2014 |
Sergio Zveibil

It is crunch time for mobile operators, especially with mobile data usage rapidly growing, predicted to increase 13-fold by 2017. Mobile operators are tasked with cost-effectively managing that mobile data demand in a way that positively impacts the customer experience, while also making sure new technologies are strategically deployed onto the network to further ensure […]

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GEN14: Carrier Ethernet Standards are Necessary for the Market to Succeed

07/24/2014 |
Christopher Cullan

It’s no secret that the Carrier Ethernet market is dominating service revenues globally for communications service providers (CSPs). Looking ahead, the Carrier Ethernet market is predicted to reach over $100 billion by 2017, with CSP spending on Carrier Ethernet equipment reaching $150 billion over the next five years. read more

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Integrating Mobile Network Performance Management Practices End-to-End

07/15/2014 |
Sergio Zveibil

As radio access networks become more complex – in part, due to the continued emergence of next-generation technologies and an uptick in mobile data traffic – mobile operators are increasingly in need of end-to-end visibility. Without a holistic view of their networks, they may struggle to effectively understand usage or to manage mobile network performance, […]

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Xeus Pro Earns Two Awards for Network Optimization Excellence

07/09/2014 |
Affandy Johan

Mobile operators, are you leveraging call trace data in your network optimization efforts? Aside from offering a way to drill down into and analyze subscribers’ quality of service (QoS), call trace data can help you intelligently and cost-effectively optimize your networks. read more

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The New Age of Service Assurance for Mobile Operators

07/02/2014 |
Vikas Trehan

In this day and age, with fairly saturated developed markets, mobile operators have to rely on superior customer experience to differentiate themselves from competitors. Providing a good quality of experience (QoE) ranges from properly handling an order, to maintaining service uptime and quality, innovating new services and billing accuracy. read more

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Why 3D Maps are Vital for Small Cell Backhaul Network Planning in Urban Areas

06/19/2014 |
Eva Svanberg

When planning for mobile network and small cell deployments, mobile operators must have a clear plan. Without one, backhaul networks may create bottlenecks in the network, both from a roll-out and network capacity point of view. read more

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