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Bridge the Carrier Ethernet Standards Gap and Reap Financial Rewards

11/13/2014 |
Christopher Cullan

Recently, I hyperbolized Carrier Ethernet’s ‘world domination.’ However, statistics show that that is actually not too far off, particularly in terms of Ethernet services’ global revenue projections and port growth. Infonetics Research forecasts 300% revenue growth for Ethernet services by 2018, and Vertical Systems Group estimates that there will be one million Ethernet ports in the […]

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GEN14: How Mature is Your OSS? Are You Ready to Assure Dynamic Network Services and handle the transition to Virtual Network Functions?

11/10/2014 |
Cyril Doussau

  OSS is sexy. That is, according to Ray Le Maistre of Light Reading. That comment likely elicited one of two reactions from readers: surprise at the statement’s absurdity, or appreciation that OSS may finally be getting the attention it deserves. Whatever your reaction, it’s clear that we are experiencing one of the most exciting […]

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First Carrier Ethernet 2.0, Now NaaS: Is the Third Network Real?

10/28/2014 |
Christopher Cullan

At Metro Ethernet Forum’s (MEF) GEN14 event, the forum announced their Third Network vision,  but will the Network-as-a-Service vision work? Just when the industry was beginning to settle on the debate of what software defined networking (SDN) truly means, or at least starting to coalesce on its meaning, the MEF boldly announced its vision for […]

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GEN14: Carrier Ethernet Sweeps through Europe & the Fine Art of Service OAM

10/23/2014 |
Christopher Cullan

Recently, Frost & Sullivan’s research analyst Shuba Ramkumar discussed retail Carrier Ethernet services in Europe based on her report, European Retail Carrier Ethernet Services. Following a similar pattern as North America, the popular service of choice are E-Lines, those wonderful point-to-point connections that prove very useful in replacing the less flexible and more costly TDM […]

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Balancing Mobile Network Performance with Costs to Drive Network Sustainability

10/09/2014 |
Bernard Breton

It’s no surprise that mobile operators face many challenges today, namely diminished revenue opportunities and high performance expectations. I discussed these challenges with a group of representatives from EMEA mobile operators during a recent MeetTheBoss virtual roundtable. While we agreed that it’s unrealistic to deliver 100% customer satisfaction across today’s complex mobile networks, there are […]

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NetAmerica & InfoVista Collaborate for 4G LTE’s Future

09/22/2014 |
Ginny Gardea

As the chaos of CCA and Super Mobility Week fades, I am left to filter through the presentations and conversations that the event brought to bear. The subject that rises to the surface is that of collaboration, or partnership. This theme became a consistent and encouraging drumbeat throughout the conference.

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