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GBH Communications Curbs Workplace Complexity and UC Challenges with InfoVista

07/21/2016 |
Jose De La Paz

For three decades, GBH Communications has been at the forefront of providing enterprises with best-in-class audio-visual, video conferencing and cloud solutions. Our services empower companies to manage and map critical communications strategies that enable overall business functionality. And, with the adoption of unified communications (UC) applications like Microsoft Skype for Business reaching a critical mass, […]

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SaaS for Network Performance Management Helps Mobile Operators Balance CAPEX

07/05/2016 |
Cyril Doussau

As network technology evolves and subscribers’ bandwidth demands grow, communications service providers (CSPs) often struggle to balance the financial strain and operational challenges that network overhauls create. This is especially true for smaller Tier 2 and Tier 3 mobile network operators (MNOs) that need to deliver 3G, LTE, VoLTE and wireless services to their highest-value […]

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How 5G Will Play a Big Role in Making Widespread IoT a Reality

06/30/2016 |
Gregory Donnard

A recent report from BI Intelligence anticipates that widespread 5G technology is only a few years away for mobile network subscribers in North and South America. With internet-of-things (IoT) tech on the path to widespread proliferation in these markets, the timing couldn’t be better: A complementary Ericsson survey found that 95 percent of mobile network […]

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Olympic Update: The State of Wireless and Mobile Network Planning in Rio weeks before 2016 Games

06/20/2016 |
Affandy Johan

The Summer Olympics are coming to Rio de Janeiro in a matter of weeks. As is often the case with almost all host cities in the final days before the opening ceremony, organizers are reportedly scrambling to put the finishing touches on the whole production. While Rio has proven to be a particularly fraught host […]

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Webinar: Bridging the RAN Planning and Optimization Gap with Planet 6

06/15/2016 |
Affandy Johan

To ensure high quality of experience (QoE) for subscribers, mobile network planners need to be fully cognizant of live network and subscriber intelligence and traffic distribution at the earliest stages of radio network planning. In fact, real-world subscriber and traffic data needs to be incorporated at every level of the plan-build-operate radio access network (RAN) […]

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Big Communications Event 2016 & Schrodinger’s OSS

06/13/2016 |
Christopher Cullan

The third annual Big Communications Event in Austin this past month was rife with talk of orchestration, the digital telco and SDN. Terminology, especially at events, is always dizzying, mainly because terms ‘stick’ but their meanings are often very particular to the speaker and/or listener. I had one lengthy debate involving the meaning of SDN […]

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Webinar: Optimizing RAN with Network and Subscriber Insights for Maximum QoE

06/02/2016 |
Affandy Johan

At the same time that mobile networks are gaining complexity at an unprecedented pace, the pressure is on for mobile operators to deliver on equally inflated subscriber quality of experience (QoE) demands. It’s no secret that the mobile market has reached a saturation point. Subscribers now have more options for mobile connectivity than they used […]

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Ipanema Again Recognized as Visionary Within Gartner’s 2016 Magic Quadrant

05/26/2016 |
Ricardo Belmar

For the sixth consecutive year, InfoVista’s application performance guarantee solution, Ipanema, has been recognized as Visionary in Gartner’s annual Magic Quadrant for WAN Optimization. This report positions network and application performance tools to identify efficient and effective solutions. As has been the case for more than half a decade, Ipanema has been recognized as a […]

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