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Improving Application Experience for Vodafone’s Enterprise Customers

05/04/2015 |
Christopher Cullan

Communications service providers (CSPs) are facing a growing list of obstacles when it comes to supporting business customers, including increased complexity imposed by cloud computing, disappearing revenue streams, constant pricing pressure and mounting bandwidth demands. Meanwhile, wide area networking (WAN) costs for enterprises continue to rise, end users continue to complain of poor application experience […]

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Security & Performance in a Single Application Performance Solution

04/28/2015 |
Matthieu Silbermann

This week at Interop in Las Vegas, we launched the latest release of our Dynamic WAN Selection solution. The enhanced application performance guarantee solution now includes VPN tunneling and OS-level firewall capabilities, all in a single solution. It removes the need for enterprises to have additional firewalls at every branch of their organization and promises […]

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How to Understand Subscribers’ Mobile Behavior and Optimize Investments

04/22/2015 |
Astrid Wastegård

The mobile ecosystem has become a major driver of the global economy. In 2014, the mobile industry generated 3.8% of global gross domestic product (GDP), and this number is estimated to grow at a faster rate than the rest of the economy, contributing 4.2% to the world’s GDP by 2020 (GSMA Mobile Economy 2015). Behind this […]

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Are you Happy with the Performance of your MS Office 365?

04/17/2015 |
Oscar Olvera Irigoyen

Cloud-based applications allowing enterprises to store information on remote servers and to access and collaborate from any location or geography are revolutionizing working practices. More than 25% of enterprises worldwide currently use Office 365, the Microsoft cloud-based suite of solutions delivering email, collaboration tools and web versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and SharePoint.  But […]

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How XO Communications Chose a ‘One-Stop’ Carrier Ethernet Service Assurance Platform

04/15/2015 |
Christopher Cullan

Communications service providers (CSPs) will go to great lengths to deliver a compelling customer experience. This includes valuable network services backed by meaningful, easy-to-interpret performance intelligence for their business customers that maximizes the network service’ value. To do so, often requires development of APIs plus expertise unique to each network equipment vendor, and software programs […]

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Bring the Mobile Subscriber Experience into Focus

04/09/2015 |
Andre Sequerah

Mobile operators have long relied on network KPIs to monitor and measure quality of service (QoS). However, these KPIs don’t always tell the whole story. Many mobile operators are meeting all of their performance metrics, but still get lots of complaints from subscribers. To better track QoS and to improve customers’ quality of experience (QoE), […]

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Subscriber-Aware Performance Assurance: Prioritizing Troubleshooting and Improving QoE

04/06/2015 |
Sergio Zveibil

When it comes to maintaining a high quality of experience (QoE) for end users, mobile operators know there are gaps in their processes. Their goal may be to quickly identify and correct flaws before they reach customers, in the form of network performance degradation or downtime, but since many operators lack the proper service assurance […]

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How Model Tuning Services Can Support Better Network Performance

04/02/2015 |
Astrid Wastegård

The mobile market is very competitive. On top of that, operators must also deal with technical and financial challenges. LTE has been adopted quickly around the world to meet growing mobile data demand and spectrum shortages. But, GSM/EDGE continues to be the technology with the largest footprint worldwide, and WCDMA/HSPA is expected to make up […]

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