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Balancing Mobile Network Performance with Costs to Drive Network Sustainability

10/09/2014 |
Bernard Breton

It’s no surprise that mobile operators face many challenges today, namely diminished revenue opportunities and high performance expectations. I discussed these challenges with a group of representatives from EMEA mobile operators during a recent MeetTheBoss virtual roundtable. While we agreed that it’s unrealistic to deliver 100% customer satisfaction across today’s complex mobile networks, there are […]

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NetAmerica & InfoVista Collaborate for 4G LTE’s Future

09/22/2014 |
Ginny Gardea

As the chaos of CCA and Super Mobility Week fades, I am left to filter through the presentations and conversations that the event brought to bear. The subject that rises to the surface is that of collaboration, or partnership. This theme became a consistent and encouraging drumbeat throughout the conference. read more

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InfoVista and Overture Accelerate NFV Adoption for CSPs

09/15/2014 |
Cyril Doussau

I recently wrote a blog post about a few of the software industry’s buzzwords du jour, namely network function virtualization (NFV) and software defined networking (SDN). In the blog post, I discuss the strong opportunities that these technologies present for communication service providers (CSPs), such as accelerated service activation and increased service monetization. And, for […]

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NFV and SDN Are Boosting the Need for End-to-End Service Assurance

09/02/2014 |
Cyril Doussau

NFV and SDN are promising transformations that will improve customer satisfaction/retention while reducing OPEX. Much has been said about NFV’s ability to accelerate service activation, and how SDN will help to assure service performance and increase service monetization. Fortunately for innovators, these are disruptive transformations, but many are still wondering how to transition their existing […]

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The Rising Importance of Application Visibility Services

Frédéric Panya-Lestonnat

As enterprises host more of their applications off premises and in the cloud, communications service providers (CSPs) are feeling pressure to maintain the performance of and access to these off-site applications. Despite putting in place SLAs and other performance monitoring tools, many still hear from enterprise customers that their application quality is unpredictable, blaming the […]

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Why Vodafone’s Latest Initiative Needs End-to-End Network Monitoring to Succeed

08/12/2014 |
Sergio Zveibil

It is crunch time for mobile operators, especially with mobile data usage rapidly growing, predicted to increase 13-fold by 2017. Mobile operators are tasked with cost-effectively managing that mobile data demand in a way that positively impacts the customer experience, while also making sure new technologies are strategically deployed onto the network to further ensure […]

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