Network Performance Management

Two Keys to Maximizing Carrier Ethernet Service Revenues

01/27/2015 |
Christopher Cullan

The Carrier Ethernet market is a proven revenue-driver for communications service providers (CSPs), and by all accounts, it will continue to be so in the coming years. By 2017, the Carrier Ethernet market is expected to be worth $100 billion, and by one year later, revenue from these services is predicted to be 300 percent […]

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Troubleshooting Your RF Network Where and When it Matters Most

12/01/2014 |
Affandy Johan

Today’s mobile networks are increasingly dense, complex and heterogeneous, thanks in large part to the trend toward virtualization. In addition, operators must consider the burden of ongoing, exponential mobile data traffic growth on their networks.

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Unified Network Planning, Network Optimization and Service Assurance for LTE

11/17/2014 |
Andre Sequerah

As of earlier this year, mobile operators across more than 100 countries have adopted LTE, motivated by the opportunity to gain additional network capacity and ensure faster speeds for subscribers. In the U.S. alone, mobile operators will spend an estimated $138 billion on LTE networks over the next five years to continue delivering on those […]

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GEN14: Carrier Ethernet Sweeps through Europe & the Fine Art of Service OAM

10/23/2014 |
Christopher Cullan

Recently, Frost & Sullivan’s research analyst Shuba Ramkumar discussed retail Carrier Ethernet services in Europe based on her report, European Retail Carrier Ethernet Services. Following a similar pattern as North America, the popular service of choice are E-Lines, those wonderful point-to-point connections that prove very useful in replacing the less flexible and more costly TDM […]

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Balancing Mobile Network Performance with Costs to Drive Network Sustainability

10/09/2014 |
Bernard Breton

It’s no surprise that mobile operators face many challenges today, namely diminished revenue opportunities and high performance expectations. I discussed these challenges with a group of representatives from EMEA mobile operators during a recent MeetTheBoss virtual roundtable. While we agreed that it’s unrealistic to deliver 100% customer satisfaction across today’s complex mobile networks, there are […]

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The Rising Importance of Application Visibility Services

Frédéric Panya-Lestonnat

As enterprises host more of their applications off premises and in the cloud, communications service providers (CSPs) are feeling pressure to maintain the performance of and access to these off-site applications. Despite putting in place SLAs and other performance monitoring tools, many still hear from enterprise customers that their application quality is unpredictable, blaming the […]

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