Application Performance Guarantee

How to Deploy UCC Applications and Bring Offices Together, without Bringing Down the Network

12/01/2015 |
Pascal Tangapregassam

One key to transforming any workplace into a digital workplace is unified communications and collaboration (UCC) technology. These tools – video and audio conferencing applications, as well as e-learning platforms – bring together offices separated by physical distances, enable face-to-face interactions that were previously only possible by actually meeting in-person, and facilitate seamless, real-time collaboration. […]

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Beyond WAN Optimization: Making the Case for Application Performance Guarantee

11/28/2015 |
Oscar Olvera Irigoyen

We live in an age where businesses are constantly battling to become more efficient, and increase output whilst minimizing costs. It’s a ruthless arena, and CIOs are consistently looking towards IT as a key enabler, and one which will give them an edge. IT solutions and innovations are embedded into everyday business functions. Desktop virtualization, […]

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Cyber Monday: Are Retailers Prepared for the Busiest Digital Shopping Day of All Time?

11/24/2015 |
Matthieu Silbermann

The single busiest online shopping day of the holiday season, occurring at the height of the most active purchasing month of the year, is expected to reach an unprecedented new peak this year – and the implications for retailers could be staggering. A new forecast found that Americans are expected to spend $3 billion on […]

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Retail 2.0: Why Retailers Need a Digital Transformation to Satisfy the 21st Century Shopper

11/05/2015 |
Oscar Olvera Irigoyen

There are two main attributes that characterize the consumer of 2015 – tech savviness and impatience. Society in general has grown accustomed to having most everything merely a single button-click or screen swipe away, and it’s no surprise that the digital world in which we now live has bred a generation of consumers who demand […]

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Recapping the Application Performance Management Road Trip

10/26/2015 |
Sophie Carroz

Throughout this year, members of the InfoVista community, including partners and customers, have traveled all around to learn about application performance management. From exclusive dinners to sporting matches, we’re proud to have brought together members of our user community to learn about the value of achieving application performance. And we had some fun, too. Here is a recap of […]

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EarthLink and InfoVista Partner to Tackle Customers’ Application Performance and Enterprise Digitalization Challenges

10/20/2015 |
Rick Froehlich

In recent years, business applications like Microsoft Office 365 and Salesforce have become a critical part of employees’ daily activities. For example, there are nearly 50 million active Office 365 monthly business users. Imagine the productivity dip if even a fraction of those users experienced lag time when trying to access their email or SharePoint […]

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Dixons Carphone Group Deploys BT Application Performance Tool with InfoVista to Enhance In-Store Customer Experience

10/15/2015 |
Oscar Olvera Irigoyen

Take a walk through any shopping mall or stretch of retail storefronts. You’ll see countless examples of in-store technology innovation reshaping the shopping experience, whether it’s shelf sensors that provide better visibility into a shop’s stock, connected cameras that monitor for shoplifters or wireless tablets that help customers make a buying decision. We’re in what […]

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A Guiding “Bill of Rights” for Enterprises Looking to Adopt SD-WAN

10/06/2015 |
Oscar Olvera Irigoyen

As enterprises today adopt emerging business applications, many are finding that static, legacy WAN infrastructure and traffic management practices limit their value, and aren’t well-suited to meet current connectivity and application performance demands. To tackle these challenges, network managers are looking for dynamic mechanisms to optimally use available WAN links for infrastructure resiliency and bandwidth […]

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