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Tunisiana Implements VistaInsight for Networks to Right-Size New Backhaul Network and Monitor Ongoing Performance

09/20/2012 |
Juan Prieto

By Juan Prieto, Product Marketing Manager, InfoVista Tunisiana, the leader in Tunisian mobile telephony with well over 6 million subscribers, recently initiated a project to expand its portfolio to include fast-speed 3G services. As part of this expansion, Tunisiana’s engineering team deployed a 10 Gigabit IP backhaul aggregation infrastructure. While this network transformation project is bringing […]

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Vista360 Wins Its 4th Accolade with Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award

09/11/2012 |
Marc Lippe

By Marc Lippe, Director, Worldwide Field and Corporate Marketing, InfoVista It gives me great pleasure to announce that Vista360 has been awarded the Communications Solutions 2011 Product of the Year Award by TMCnet. This announcement further demonstrates the company’s momentum established with previous wins from Pipeline’s 2012 Innovation Awards, Network Products Guide’s 2012 Hot Companies […]

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LTE-Advanced − Moving Beyond 4G

09/06/2012 |
Bernard Breton

By Bernard Breton, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, InfoVista One of the driving forces behind the creation of the LTE Release 10 specifications was the desire to fulfill the requirements set out by ITU for IMT-Advanced in order to acquire the 4G label. Considering the increased peak data rates as the primary target, carrier aggregation is clearly […]

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Successful Network Performance Management – The Answer to Service Differentiation for CSPs

09/05/2012 |
Vikas Trehan

By Vikas Trehan, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy and Alliances, InfoVista The telecommunications market we once knew has evolved significantly and will continue to do so as the lines between communications service providers (CSPs), managed service providers (MSPs) and content providers blur. CSPs are adding innovative services, technologies and content to re-invent themselves.

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