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Analysys Mason: What Factors Will Influence the Service Assurance Market in 2013 and Beyond?

12/19/2012 |
Christopher Waters

Analysts Patrick Kelly and Anil Rao of Analysys Mason recently hosted a webinar about the service assurance segment of telecoms software, during which they examined the current and future state of the market, addressed the challenges facing communications service providers (CSPs) and recommended the drivers spurring future growth.

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Vlog: What’s on the Horizon for Carrier Ethernet Performance Management?

12/17/2012 |
Christopher Cullan

Last month at Light Reading’s Ethernet Expo, I was invited to speak with Stan Hubbard of Heavy Reading about the current challenges and opportunities that Carrier Ethernet service providers are faced with today. We covered a lot of ground, including the expansion of the technology’s usage into the enterprise, the disconnect surrounding the importance of performance reporting and how service quality visualization is impacting the customer experience.

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InfoVista Named a Finalist in B/OSS Innovation Category of Fierce Innovation Awards

11/21/2012 |
Marc Lippe

By Marc Lippe, Director, Worldwide Field and Corporate Marketing, InfoVista I am very pleased to announce that InfoVista was named a finalist in the 2012 Fierce Innovation Awards for Vista360 in the “B/OSS category!”

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Cuanta más Infraestructura y Servicios más Importante es la Gestión de la Red

11/09/2012 |
Sergio Zveibil

The Right Tool for the Right Job – Service Assurance is Essential for Fast-moving CSPs En la siguiente entrevista, Sergio Zveibil, senior technical consultant de InfoVista, nos comenta el porque los Proveedores de Servicios de Telecomunicaciones CSPs deben gestionar cada vez más de cerca sus herramientas de gestión con el fin de garantizar que sus […]

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Light Reading’s Ethernet Expo Americas – Delivering Carrier Ethernet 2.0 Service Performance Assurance

11/05/2012 |
Christopher Cullan

By Christopher Cullan, Product Marketing Manager, Business Services Solutions, InfoVista The popularity of Carrier Ethernet in the telco industry is on the rise due to the network benefits and compelling services it enables, such as more cost-effective bandwidth and enabling cloud computing services. However, while Carrier Ethernet has brought many opportunities, it has introduced some performance […]

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Video Blog: Implementing a CAPEX-aware NGN Backhaul Planning Practice

10/26/2012 |
Juan Prieto

By Juan Prieto, Product Marketing Manager, Mobile Solutions, InfoVista Today, there are four billion active mobile subscribers in the world. Of those, 1.1 billion subscribers access the Web, and 450 million access data-heavy apps via their mobile phones. In total, mobile operators must manage the delivery of 600 petabytes of data every month! These numbers […]

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InfoVista Supports 12 New IP/Ethernet Backhaul Assurance Projects in 2012

10/18/2012 |
Marc Lippe

By Marc Lippe, Director, Worldwide Field and Corporate Marketing, InfoVista As data traffic continues to rapidly increase, mobile operators are still struggling to lower costs while maintaining quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE). Some have rolled out IP/Ethernet backhaul technology to cost-effectively meet the bandwidth requirements of 3G and G mobile data […]

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Improving Capacity Planning with Flow Analytics

10/16/2012 |
Peter Christensen

By Peter Christensen, Product Marketing Manager, APM, InfoVista The capacity crunch has been a hot topic in the telco space over the past few years due to the rapid uptake of mobile devices and phenomenal traffic growth. To avoid overprovisioning networks or constantly playing catch up to traffic levels, many service providers are leveraging network data and […]

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