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Service Provider Insights for Ensuring Mobile Quality of Experience, Part 2

10/29/2010 |
Ari Banerjee

Success of End-to-End Mobile Experience Management Depends on Accurate Service Performance Metrics By Ari Banerjee Senior Analyst Heavy Reading Heavy Reading research has shown that the ability to define service performance metrics tends to be a key challenge for mobile operators and it is therefore imperative that end-to-end mobile experience management solutions help guide operators […]

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Backing up the Apps: Why Mobile Service Assurance Is Essential

10/05/2010 |
Shira Levine

Shira Levine Directing Analyst, Next Gen OSS and Policy Infonetics Let’s face it, apps are hot. They’re big business. A reference to apps is de rigueur on any self-respecting tech PowerPoint presentation. In the two years that the Apple App Store has been in existence, users have downloaded 6.5 billion apps, and Google’s Android Market […]

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