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Service Provider Insights for Ensuring Mobile Quality of Experience, Part 1

09/28/2010 |
Ari Banerjee

Time for Mobile Operators to Adopt End-to-End Mobile Experience Management By Ari Banerjee Senior Analyst Heavy Reading The mobile industry is one of the most dynamic, competitive and growth-oriented segments of the communications market. The insatiable demands from customers for new services, matched only by the innovative delivery of new applications and devices, require the […]

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What Makes Service Assurance Hot?

09/14/2010 |
Cyril Doussau

By Cyril Doussau de Bazingnan Product Marketing Director InfoVista In her article “Service assurance getting hotter,” on Connected Planet, Susana Schwartz correctly gauges the rising temperature of service assurance solutions in the telecommunications industry. The need for service assurance is indeed growing, as this category of tools empowers service providers to assess the health of […]

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Indispensable Considerations for Ethernet Mobile Backhaul

09/02/2010 |
Ranga Thittai

By Ranga Thittai Senior Product Manager InfoVista As mobile data and content traffic volumes continue to grow exponentially, the revenue that telecom operators can derive from providing these mobile data services will not. This reality has led mobile operators and wholesale network infrastructure providers to look toward driving down “per-bit” costs for transporting data traffic. […]

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Enhancing Operational Efficiency: Bring Your Network Up to Speed

09/01/2010 |
Bernard Breton

By Bernard Breton, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, InfoVista Managing today’s wireless networks is complex and most operators are managing several network layers using different access technologies, and almost always different bands. Nearly all operators are facing a capacity crunch and the solution is often to roll-out additional network equipment in the form of new sites […]

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